Malaysia statesman: China is a great economy and will continue to be open to China.

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 Malaysia statesman: China is a great economy and will continue to be open to China.

According to a report by Hong Kong media on September 15, Malaysian politician Anwar told investors in Hong Kong on September 11 that the relationship between Malaysia and China, Japan and South Korea is the top priority of diplomatic work.

The 71-year-old politician confirmed Malaysian media reports in a speech at the Lyon Securities Investors Forum in Hong Kong on September 11 that he was about to take part in a by-election, a move that would return him to politics and prepare to succeed Mahathir, 93, as prime minister.

Reported that Anwar used its nearly 80 minutes of appearance, stressed the countrys new governments assurance that the country will continue to open to China.

For Malaysia, we have a very positive view on the need to strengthen bilateral relations, regional relations, trade and investment, and China is just a great economy, and we need not only to continue but also to strengthen relations with this great neighbor, Anwar said at the forum.

Of course, there have been controversies that have affected some of these agreements in the past, Anwar said, but this is confined to contracts with companies, will not affect relations with China, will not affect the attraction of Chinese investment.

I think our relationship with China, Japan and South Korea is undoubtedly a top priority in the region as we continue to maintain our relationship with the West, the United States and the European Union, he said.

Anwar praised his cooperation with Mahathir, a former political opponent, as historic and said the two were committed to advancing reform.

Reports say Anwar served as deputy during Mahathirs first term as prime minister. But Mahathir dismissed Anwar in 1998 and was jailed for five years for sodomy and corruption.

In 2015, he was jailed again, this time during the post of former Prime Minister Najib, now ousted and scandalous.

Anwar insisted that these allegations were out of nothing and aimed to drive him out of the political arena.

In May 16th, a week after the presidential election in May 9th, the king of Malaysia pardoned Anwar.

According to the agreement reached before the ruling coalition, Anwar will replace Mahathir two years later.

To take over as prime minister, he must first become a member.

At the September 11 forum, Anwar told the audience that he would take part in by-elections in the next few weeks, but he did not specify where he would take part.

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