The US weather forecast simulated the most powerful hurricane in 25 years.

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 The US weather forecast simulated the most powerful hurricane in 25 years.

The US weather forecast simulated the strongest hurricane in 25 years, which is comparable to visual blockbuster (source: 56 net).

[Wen/Observer] Hurricane Florence, the monster-class hurricane that has happened once in 25 years, is not a joke. To make people aware of the seriousness of the situation, the Weather Channel chose the most intuitive way to tell them: Not to leave? Thats how youre going to be surrounded by floods!

The Verge News Network reported Wednesday that the National Weather Channel of the United States tried to restore the floods caused by the Florence crossing by using the 3D stereo visual effects technology.

Earlier, the climatologist Erika Navarro introduced a traditional pattern of weather maps + diagrams in which disasters would be classified into four levels because of the high or low water levels of the floods - at worst more than 2.74 meters.

To make it more intuitive, with special effects, Erika Navarro, a studio photographer, turned around to a street in North Carolina and flooded. When the water reaches my wrist, its the first level of the disaster that could wash you away, Navarro said. At this time, the screen shows that the water level is 0.91 meters.

Then the water continued to rise, and the car behind Navarro floated, and the trees seemed to sway from side to side in the hurricane. When the water level reached 1.83 meters, it entered the second stage of the disaster. At this time, the water has covered my head, I should not stand up, even stand up will be washed away by the water.

Then the sound of the water suddenly grew louder, and the water level reached 2.74 meters, from which the faint fish could be seen. Its absolutely fatal, Navarro said, standing in a huge wave nearly three meters high. The water can wash into the second floor of your house.

The US national weather channel did not show how the fourth level floods, or water level more than 2.74 meters, looked like. Navarro began to warn the audience, Please follow the instructions of the local government, people who need to evacuate please evacuate quickly.

Recently, the National Weather Channel of the United States indulged in the studio to create natural disasters. In June 26th, they simulated the whole process of tornado attack.

At the end of July, the studio of the national weather channel was split by thunder.

About 18 months ago, we started trying to further improve the quality of the footage, the stations director told Wired, an American online magazine. Thanks to the inspiration of the game industry, we then started investing in and using the Unreal Engine.

But whether its swept away by a hurricane or thunderbolted, the National Weather Channel thinks its not enough to be there. The station has just finished laying the curtain in the broadcasting room at its Atlanta headquarters this week, and will be able to catch up with the 25-year-old hurricane in the United States.

Hurricane Florence is approaching the eastern coast of the United States: 10 million families are on their way, with an estimated $170 billion in damage. According to the Safir-Simpson five-level classification of hurricane, Florence is likely to reach the combat effectiveness level 5 full.

Map from ABC News Network

On the other hand, observer network reported on the 13th, the United States has entered a state of emergency, more than 2.7 million people were ordered to evacuate.

The Americans may not be evacuated.

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By the time Florence does land, South Carolina and North Carolina will have 10 trillion gallons of rain, equivalent to 15 million Olympic swimming pools.

Graph self CNN

Source: observer network responsibility editor: Ji Guo Jie _NBJ11143