Waterford VS United look forward to: Curse of the Red Devils?

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 Waterford VS United look forward to: Curse of the Red Devils?

Head to Head Record

The two teams have played Manchester United 20-5-5 on 30 occasions, 15-4-3 in the league, 6-2-3 away from home and 9-1 in the Premier League on 10 occasions. The two teams have played Manchester United 14-1 in nearly 15 games, with the only defeat being the Premier League at Watford in the 2016-17 season.

Waterford encounters curse

Watford started the season with four consecutive league victories, and the last home defeat at Spurs was more convincing. Watford scored second only to Manchester City and Chelsea in the first four rounds, and their strikers, Dini and Gray, performed very well. As the saying goes, winning teams do not need to change, Watford Coach Gracia did the same, he played the first four rounds of the same set, this game is expected to Gracia is the same.

If Watford continues to play the same starting line-up, it may be in Mourinhos favor because Mourinho is good at working out some tricks to limit his opponents and Gracia has just won the Premier Leagues best coach in August. Will the Premier Leagues best spell protect United?

Pogba question

Bergbas comments on the French national team have recently become a hot topic in the English media. The relationship between Bergba and Mourinho, and whether Bergba will leave Manchester United have become the most concerned topics in the English media. Bergbas performance at Manchester United has been very unstable, and now the media is sure to affect him, coupled with his uncertain relationship with Mourinho, his performance in this game is questionable.

How to organize the united front line?

Manchester Uniteds defence has two main doubts, one is how to match the centre-back, and the other is whether Luke Shaw can recover from a concussion in the national team. Luke Shaw is in good shape at the moment, but its uncertain whether he can play this game, and whether the centre-half will continue to play Lindelov is something Mourinho needs to think about.

Although this is Lindelovs second Premier League season, but Lindelov still does not seem to adapt to the Premier Leagues confrontation and rhythm, his physical disadvantage is more obvious. Watford players are generally physically strong, Watfords Arrowhead Dini is more rugby players physical quality, if continue to Linderloff, the risk is greater.

Injury and stop

Watford Injuries: De Ulo Fiu (midfielder), Cleverley (midfielder), Kabul (defender) suspended: No

Forecast the first start

Watford (442): Foster / Janmat, Cascade, Cabaselle, Holebas / Hughes, Dokure, Cappe, Perera / Gray, Dini

Manchester United (433): De Gea/Valencia, Bailey, Smalling, Ashley-Young/Bogba, Matic, Fred/Lingard, Lukaku, Sanchez