Jiangchuan 17 points, Chinas mens volleyball team 1-3, Holland World Championships group match two defeats.

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 Jiangchuan 17 points, Chinas mens volleyball team 1-3, Holland World Championships group match two defeats.

China lost 3-0 to France in the first group game and the Netherlands lost 3-0 to Canada in the first game. In this match, the Chinese team started, mainly attacking Liu Libin, Ji Daoshuai, assisting Chen Longhai, Rao Shuhan, Jiangchuan, the second pass Mao Tianyi and the free man Tong Jiahua.

At the beginning of the first game, both teams quickly entered the state, the score was even, the scene was quite glued. However, the Chinese team failed to grasp the opportunity in the final key points contest, Jiang Chuan was focused on the defense, the Chinese team in the final stage was pulled out of the score difference, 21-25 first defeat.

In the second game, the Chinese team was totally in a passive situation, with frequent faults in passes and a completely dumb attack. The Dutch team maintained a very efficient attack. The breakthroughs on both sides were extremely threatening. The Chinese team soon lagged behind and was blocked many times at the end of the game. It was impossible to open up the situation and lost 13-25 points.

The Chinese team was still passive in the third set, difficult to break through the Netherlands blocking, can only rely on a sporadic breakthrough Jiangchuan points, the first technical suspension when 5-8 backward. After the suspension, the Chinese team was unable to suppress the Dutch attack, the block was almost useless, once chased to 10-12 and then suppressed by the opponents, 10-14 had to request a suspension. Since then, relying on Jiang Chuans serve and attack, the Chinese team has created some trouble for the Dutch team, forcing the opponent to keep up with the score, the second technical suspension was only 15-16 behind. The Chinese team clenched the score, and Ji Dao Shuai served to score 20 points. The Chinese team took advantage of the anti counter opportunity to achieve the goal of Jiangchuans 24-23 win. The Holland teams attack was wrong, and the Chinese team pulled back one game in 25-23.

In the third game, the Chinese team came up again by chakra, losing 3-8 points and entering the first technical suspension. In the middle of the game, the Chinese team did not improve obviously, the attack efficiency was very low, was blocked by the Dutch team many times, to the second technical suspension has fallen behind to 8-16. The Chinese teams mentality was unstable, attacking errors continued, and was further pulled apart from the point difference, lagging behind to more than 10 points, and ultimately lost 12-25, a total score of 1-3 defeat, to eat the second consecutive group game defeat. In the third group match, the Chinese team will be the Canadian team.