Man saves 80% of the cost of living by discount card: 0 yuan to watch the movie, double food.

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 Man saves 80% of the cost of living by discount card: 0 yuan to watch the movie, double food.

Drying out a whole block wall

Cause netizens to exclaim

Because these cards are all kinds of discount cards.

Whats more, -

The discount of these cards.

Took up 80% of the familys living expenses.

Because of the spectacular discount cards of this wall, Lu was dubbed Kago by friends.

Hes really good, so many membership cards are well-kept, he can recite almost all the discount information on brand membership cards, and well ask him in advance if we have any special big items to buy and if we want some discount channels. A friend of Lus introduction.

He can really recite the latest discount information from all the stores nearby: The yolk bags in the compartments below the Ala Tower can be bought and sent off with a membership card today, and all the vegetables at the intersection supermarket can be discounted after 8 p.m. with a membership card. It only costs 10 yuan to wash the car with a credit card these two days.

Speaking of the idea of collecting discount cards in the first place, Cago explained: There are really not too many membership cards now. Every year we have a lot of different membership cards in our family. I just want to say that we must really use all these cards. After all, you can really save a lot of money by comparing them.

Bring notebook records with you.

Dont miss any benefits.

Before going out everyday, card elder brother will distribute the individuals day trip according to the discount of different cards.

In order not to miss any wool, he carried a small notebook with him to record discounts and a small blackboard reminder. He said, save your money and live a better life.

His notebook clearly records the information of various virtual cards, including the preferential strength of the card, the use of rules, the use of time and so on.

Im used to keeping track of any recent discounts and going out in case I see any store thats doing something, and taking them with me is a way to make sure I dont miss the discounts, Cago explains.

0 yuan to watch movies and half price meals.

Romantic dating costs 300 yuan.

In addition to collecting daily discounts, Mr. Lu, who loves his wife, recently began to plan a world with his wife: These days the children are going to start school, and the wife has been working hard with the children. In two days, I want to send the children to my parentshome, have a romantic meal with her, and watch a zero-point movie. I figured out a Japanese restaurant with a credit card discount, a few discounts, no money to see a movie, a date down to 300 yuan.

Kago also showed off his work results. Sure enough, 88vip, studio cards, vouchers and other concessions overlap, spies on the disc 6 of the zero-point discount has actually been reduced to 0 yuan.

Lu added: Our family is very independent, my wifes money is herself, the family expenses I spend, she is very assured, absolutely not to accept my salary card, I also teach her how to manage money, breakfast I also teach her to use convenience store card, every breakfast can save two dollars.

Friend: are you tired?

Your family is not poor? Why is it so provincial? Many people feel that Mr. Lu has a car, a house, a stable job, a happy family and loves his wife so much that there is no need to live in such a tight corner.

Many netizens feel so tired.

In particular, the movie is still zero.

Second days to get up and go to work.

Some netizens say this is a waste of time.

It is not worth promoting.

Its better to get a promotion than raise the salary.

Others agree with him.

The enjoyment, the provinces money should also be saved.

It is precious to be economical and romantic.

Some netizens also said

This is his personal hobby.

Just be happy.

I think its better to save money and live a better life, and make the whole family happy, Cago said. This kind of economy makes me feel like enjoying myself and feeling a sense of accomplishment.

What do you think of this way of life? Do you want to have such a husband (boyfriend)? Source: Xiaoxiang Morning Post editor in charge: Qian Yue Xiao _NBJ10675

What do you think of this way of life?

Do you want to have such a husband (boyfriend)?