Fang Yuan keeps fit with her baby during her isolation period

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Fang Yuan takes two children back to Shanghai (source: Netease Entertainment)

On July 11, Fang yuanshai, Guo Fuchengs wife, recorded the process of taking her two daughters to Shanghai by plane.

In the video, Guo Fuchengs daughters are very excited. The eldest daughter is singing all the way to Nezhas head in a good mood. Although she is wearing a mask, she still cant hide her pretty face. She inherits her parents good genes and is full of loveliness.

Fang Yuan can make complaints about the economy of the plane, which leads to the fact that Aaron Kwok is too busy to let his wife and daughter ride first-class cabin.

In the face of netizens doubts, Fang Yuan did not respond directly, but she praised a netizen in the comment area to show her approval. The netizen said: I really convinced you. You can think of it in economy class. Originally, there were more people coming back to visit relatives in the summer vacation. In addition, the epidemic reduced flights, so its normal that you cant buy tickets..

Fang Yuan also strongly supports her husband, Guo Fucheng, and does not want netizens to speculate or question the couples feelings.

Fang Yuan and Guo Fucheng have been loving each other since they announced their love affair. After marriage, they gave birth to two lovely daughters, and the family of four is happy.

In the photo, Fang Yuan wears long hair, delicate makeup and a white shirt, while her husband Guo Fucheng is still handsome in black. They cuddle together and smile at the camera.