Fake! Wu Yifan said he would withdraw from the public view

 Fake! Wu Yifan said he would withdraw from the public view

Later, some netizens said that the pictures sent by the marketing number had obvious traces of fraud, because Wu Yifan only went online once at 8:00 on the 19th, while the apology microblog was sent at 23:36, and the P-picture traces of the pictures were obvious, so the authenticity was questionable.

At 21:16 on the 19th, Wu Yifans studio issued a 10 point clarification in response to all kinds of revelations from Du Meizhu. It is reported that Du Meizhu once said that Wu Yifan would be asked to respond within 24 hours. Otherwise, the information would continue to be disclosed, 16 minutes later than the scheduled time.


1. Wu Yifan Fang said that no one gave Du Meizhu wine, and all the people present could testify

2. The last time Wu Yifan chatted with Du Meizhu was in May 2021, which contradicted what Liu Meili said

6, the official account of Beijings mortal culture media is fake. All the bamboo forgeries in July 16th forged chat records.

This afternoon, the BBC reported a piece of news entitled kriswu: brandsdrop Chinese star degrees ex assignments. In the title, there was a dispute about Chinese star. It is understood that Wu Yifans nationality is Canada.

Later, some netizens found that the BBC had revised the article, changing Chinese star to Chinese star. The news about Wu Yifan was also edited as: after being accused of seducing young girls, including underage girls, to have sex with him, several Chinese brands have severed ties with top Chinese Canadian celebrity Wu Yifan.

Interview with Du Meizhu | half a million are being returned in batches, ready to go through the legal process. I hope I will be the last victim

Sham Shui Po entertainment reported on July 18 that the incident of Wu Yifans Du Meizhu is still in ferment.

Transfer records of dumeizhu (source: Netease Entertainment)

During the interview, Du Meizhu talked for the first time about the panic, timidity and uneasiness caused by the aura of stars when she first contacted Wu Yifan. The illusion of such a great disparity of status caught her in the whirlpool.

We originally thought that this was another peach story of the ukiyo style. When we opened the corner of the incident and went deep inside, we found that in the entertainment circle full of idols, when the halo of idols became capital and collided with crazy fans, what kind of chemical reaction would trigger? This is what we should be vigilant about.

Progress: 500000 is being returned, ready for legal proceedings

Netease Entertainment: according to the video you released, did Wu Yifan apologize to you?

Dumizhu: of course not.

Du Meizhu: at present, I have received 500000 calls, and I have refunded the money on the same day. However, because I was under age when I opened my account, I am limited to tens of thousands of calls every day. At present, 180000 calls have been made, and 320000 calls have been made. Until today, I have sent these materials. I returned my money this morning.

Netease Entertainment: do you plan to go through legal procedures?

Du Meizhu: I hope to go through the legal process, because things have progressed to this day, especially so many seriously injured victims. I dont think its my own business any more. I can even say that its a matter of whats going on in Chinas cultural and entertainment circles.

Netease Entertainment: are you afraid that the other party will sue you?

Du Meizhu: I was afraid, but now Im not afraid, because I know that Im not fighting alone. He sued me, and I will answer the lawsuit, but I dont think he will. If he wants to sue, he will sue early. Because he didnt apologize, and after our discussion, he set up a set for me to enter. I cant accept this behavior, so lets fight openly.

Netease Entertainment: if the other party gives you eight figures, will you accept all this?

Netease Entertainment: are you under great pressure to discuss for the other seven sisters?

Du Meizhu: now its not seven. Seven are around July 12. Its far more than that. Its not easy to talk about the status of minors. But Ill tell you clearly: first, the other party has evidence, and the evidence is reserved; Second, there are two children who are still under age. They dont want to be disturbed in their lives, but they hope Wu will be punished. Of course, you can say that she is selfish and is taking advantage of me. But from my point of view, I can understand that we are working now. Its not convenient to say anything else.

Of course, there are legal and illegal minors, but the other party is too young to be afraid. We are making efforts. Its not convenient to tell us anything else.

Netease Entertainment: do the girls you contact have the same experience as you?

Netease Entertainment: all encounter cold violence?

Du Meizhu: Yes, but I dont think this kind of self-consciousness is correct. Maybe the way I confirm my relationship with someone is different from others. Anyway, I cant accept it.

Netease Entertainment: do you hate him?

Du Meizhu: I hate him, I hate teeth itch, I hate myself more, hate to suicide.

Du Meizhu: my family understands my situation. She expresses her love and understanding. She is a very good mother. She always feels that she owes me a debt because of her single parent family. She supports me as much as possible. At the beginning, she said forget it. Its just that I should be unfaithful. But later, depending on my condition, she felt that she let me go, but at the same time, she also said that I should pay attention to safety.

Netease Entertainment: when things get to this point, what do you care about?

Du Meizhu: first of all, I care about whether there is justice in this matter. Second, I care about how many victims there are. I always think I am very poor, but after I know them, I find that I am even more miserable than I am. Third, I am worried about my personal safety and the safety of my family, I will also consider the development of things today. As a 19-year-old girl, how to go in the future, whether there will be men to accept me, and whether I will be humiliated in the future.

In the past: being brainwashed by rice circle culture, stars should be superior

Netease Entertainment: you first said that you were drunk. Do you remember what you would drink and how much you drank?

Netease Entertainment: do you usually drink?

Du Meizhu: I dont drink at ordinary times. I dont go to bars.

Netease Entertainment: did you know you would meet Wu Yifan before you went?

Netease Entertainment: are you his fan?

Du Meizhu: I have to reiterate that I am not a fan of him. To tell you the truth, before I had sex with him, I had never heard a song of him, nor had I seen much of his variety movies.

I was also hoodwinked at that time, and I was only 17 years old at that time. I was pulled back to the living room, and then several people tried their best to offer me a toast. Wu also told me that if I left too long, I would be punished for two drinks. I drank cocktails and mixed foreign wine, and I didnt dare to resist. I soon became unconscious. When I got up again, I was on Wus bed.

Netease Entertainment: whats your first reaction when you wake up?

Du Meizhu: I was in a daze, staring at the ceiling in bed for a long time before I could believe it.

Wu was beside me. I didnt wake up. I didnt get angry at that time. I just didnt know what to do. Wu never wore a condom, not only me, but also others. At that time, I immediately wanted to get dressed and run, but I didnt expect that as soon as I went out, his cousin was sleeping in the living room. His cousin never left. That was the only time I stayed with him all night. I later thought that he was afraid that I would wake up and call the police. I went back to my bedroom and stood by the bed for a long time before he woke up. When he woke up, he asked me why I was standing and pulled me to lie on the bed. At that time, I had no thinking ability. He said that he would be responsible for me, take care of me all my life, and take me to see his mother during the new year. Moreover, his expression was very sincere, different from that in his movies. In life, at least that day, he was a movie king.

Netease Entertainment: do you contact frequently?

Du Meizhu: he will come back to Beijing when he is free.

Netease Entertainment: when was the first time to collect mobile phones? Do you feel untrusted?

Du Meizhu: the first time I received my mobile phone was when I drank for the first time. I thought that he was a star after all. Later I went to the bedroom and didnt let him bring my mobile phone. I also thought that the star was superior and special. In fact, I reflected a lot during this period. I thought that I was brainwashed by the culture of rice circle. If he really loved me, he couldnt accept my mobile phone.

Du Meizhu: watching TV, watching movies, generally not going out, staying at home, chatting, listening to his boasting.

Netease Entertainment: will you introduce it to his friends and enter his circle?

Netease Entertainment: when did attitude change?

Du Meizhu: in March this year, I didnt reply to my messages. I didnt call very often. I didnt say good morning and good night every day. He either didnt reply to my messages, or he didnt reply for a long time.

Netease Entertainment: do you think you are in love?

Dumizhu: I think so. I can only think so.

Netease Entertainment: do you know Wu Yifan now?

Netease Entertainment: compared with Wu Yifan you met before, whats the difference?

Du Meizhu: in front of the public, Wu seems to be very cold, but in front of me, he is a middle school sophomore, and even his EQ is very low.

Du Meizhu: Yes, but I wont say who it is, but it wont be after this time. There is a big difference between the stars on stage and off stage, especially the male stars. The womens food they eat is very fake.

Du Meizhu: the difference is that a person who often searches on microblog and can see it on TV can also see it in reality. When you see so many fans, you mistakenly think that so many girls like him, but he only likes you. Maybe there will be vanity in his heart. Of course, now, these are all bubbles.

Netease Entertainment: does anyone remind you of the risk of falling in love with a star?

Dumizhu: the biggest feeling is that I dont want to fall in love any more.