Li Xiaolu shares her daughters summer vacation routine with Tianxin DIY lipstick to make up for her mother

 Li Xiaolu shares her daughters summer vacation routine with Tianxin DIY lipstick to make up for her mother

Li Xiaolu shared the lipstick photos that Tianxin made for herself, and said: Tianxin designs the outer packaging for everyone in her family with great care. This is a lipstick that belongs to me at first sight. No, she couldnt wait to make up for her unkempt old mother. Its summer vacation. How do your dolls spend their time?

In fact, the so-called composite news of Li Xiaolu and Jia Nailiang has never been broken, and netizens are willing to guess from all kinds of clues.

On the evening of April 2, Li Xiaolu aired a video on her personal social platform with an accompanying text: picking up shells and picking up pearls, your wish has finally come true. She also carried the labels of watch the sea together, good night world, good night you and stop being beautiful. She looked very happy. Li Xiaolu and Tianxin are standing hand in hand at the seaside waiting for the waves. In the background of the picture, Li Xiaolu makes a small mosaic. Before this, Jia Nailiang is basking in surfer video on social platform. Netizen analysis, that may be accompanied by Jia Nailiang mother and daughter.

Then, on May 10, Li Xiaolu was photographed by the gossip media to go out to see a movie with a little fresh meat in the mall. After the movie, Li Xiaolu and he went back to the same community in the same car. After they entered the unit door together, they did not come out again. Gossip media speculated that the mysterious little fresh meat may be Li Xiaolus new boyfriend.

After the exposure of the suspected new love affair, many netizens are full of curiosity about Li Xiaolus love life, because she has been photographed by the media many times playing with Jia Nailiang in her own community, which makes the melon eaters feel that the picture of a family of three in the same frame is very warm, and they are looking forward to their reunion.

Now, after being photographed for a new love affair, is it hopeless to get back together with Jia Nailiang? For the outside worlds speculation on their feelings, Li Xiaolu in the comments area have personally given the answer.

Li Xiaolu replied: No.

Li Xiaolu emotional said: Thank you, my daughter and I are very happy now, do not need anything else.

In response to the question of remarriage, Li Xiaolus answer is: Thank you. My daughter and I are also very happy.