Liu haocun donated 500000 yuan to Henan

 Liu haocun donated 500000 yuan to Henan

On the evening of July 13, Liu haocuns mother wrote a response to the paralysis of a little girl caused by an educational institution. She said that because her family also had difficulties, she completed all the compensation in 2018, saying that the contents of violent teaching and stepping on the spine in the online biography were not true. She expressed the hope that netizens would not disturb the injured little girls family and would take care of her as a daughter in the future and continue to do their best to care for her.

In his mothers statement, Liu admitted the accident in 2012. At that time, a student of Liu haocuns mothers dance school, Tingting, was paralyzed for life due to improper guidance when she was doing the lower back movement.

There was an accident in 2012. In 2014, the court made a public judgment and ordered Liu haocuns parents to pay compensation. Liu haocuns mother said that there were difficulties at home at that time, so it was not until 2018 that the money was paid, and the two families had been communicating very actively. However, according to the court documents, Liu haocuns parents refused to appeal several times, and requested the court to revoke the original judgment, unwilling to bear the compensation liability and Tingtings nutrition expenses. The court rejected Liu haocuns parents request.

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Exposure of lifelong disability of 10-year-old girl caused by improper teaching of Liu haocuns mother training class

The civil cases suspected to have been involved showed that the defendant did not estimate or underestimate the risk of spinal injury in children under 10 years old when training lower back, and did not take corresponding measures to prevent and avoid the occurrence of damage, resulting in the plaintiffs injury during training, and needed to compensate the plaintiff for millions of yuan.