Huang Yis self portrait in wedding dress

 Huang Yis self portrait in wedding dress

In August 2009, Huang Yi and Jiang Kai got married. They got married 41 days after they met. At the end of May 2010, the wedding photos of Huang Yi and Jiang Kai in Chicago were exposed on the Internet. In June 2010, Huang Yi admitted to divorce and separation.

On November 26, 2011, Huang Yiqing admitted his love affair with Huang Yi on his microblog for the first time.

In 2013, Huang Yi gave birth to a woman in the delivery room of Los Angeles hospital on January 19, local time.

On June 16, 2014, Huang Yi issued a lawyers letter to divorce her husband Huang Yiqing, claiming that he had fabricated rumors and committed domestic violence, and that he would fight for the custody of his daughter through legal channels.

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Huang Yi thinks that there should be love. When she talks about it, Huang Yi hesitates, obviously remembering her bad experiences. Huang Yi says that her ex husband is so terrible that she is afraid and terrified of them.

Huang Yi also said that the most terrible thing about Huang Yiqing is his tendency to violence. That is to say, when he was with Huang Yiqing, Huang Yi experienced domestic violence. At that time, Huang Yi had a child. Once Huang Yiqing apologized and humbled, Huang Yi forgave him.

Hearing this, Wang Ziwen immediately retorted, saying that he should leave at this time. Once, there will be 10000 times.

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This time, apart from Sha Yi who didnt arrive because of filming, other main actors gathered at the scene. In January 2001, after the play was broadcasted, several main actors quickly became popular and became national idols.

20 years later, except for the actor Nie yuan and Sha Yi, who was a supporting actor, other actors have faded out of the film and television industry. Huang Yi, on the other hand, appeared more in variety shows than in film and television works after experiencing the marriage storm.

Because of the popularity of variety show, Huang Yi is worthy of the C position in this reunion. In the program, she talks about her own mental journey, while other actors rarely participate in it. Even Gong Jun and Zhang zhehan, who were caught in the fire of mountain and river order, are reduced to the background.

Make complaints about make complaints about Huang Yicengs marriage. It is reported that Huang Yi and Nie yuan have been in love for three years. However, her three-year relationship with Nie yuan has not become a shackle, but a strong backing. After that, after five years of marriage, Huang Yi gradually became frustrated.