Details of Wu Yifans overseas concubine selection revealed on the Internet

 Details of Wu Yifans overseas concubine selection revealed on the Internet

At the same time, netizens revealed that he also asked every girl to say freestyle. If she couldnt sing, she would drink.

It is worth mentioning that both the original informant and his friends, as well as the netizens carrying the original posts, all mentioned that Wu Yifan would often date different girls.

After Wu Yifans imperial concubine selection was revealed, the incident continued to burn.

Before that, in an exclusive interview with Netease Entertainment, Du Meizhu exposed Wu Yifans three chat up routines: one is to choose actors, and then let you go to the interview in the evening, and the other is to choose young and beautiful girls from the backup clubs by fans from all over the country, take the girls to say its a small meeting, and tell the girls how many people there are, But in fact, when I got to the hotel, I found that Wu was the only one in the room, and then I introduced each other through the girl he had slept with. After success, I gave the introducer the famous brand products or 10000 yuan.

In addition, a number of female students recently tweeted that Wu Yifan had contacted them.

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They make complaints about Wu Yifans imprisonment for ten years.

NetEase entertainment special report July 18th reported just now, all the bamboo sticks again sent out to Tucao Wu, who bought Water Army Black himself, and arranged for people to make complaints about you for 24 hours, and let the pimp go to school to inquire about his black material. She also said that what she had in hand could be sent to Wu Yifan for at least ten years.

In addition, she also revealed that she had a very good family. She had 100000 yuan of pocket money every month, and Wu Yifan negotiated 200 million yuan after the collapse of the 2 million yuan talks. Finally, she also make complaints about Wu Yifans bed. He likes to boast, but he love the toothpicks as much as he can. Every time he takes two or three minutes, he will take medicine.

The full text is as follows

In fact, you are out of the world!

I didnt know you could do such a thing.

I open live, you let your fans say that I want to be a net star and sell goods live.

I open a little red book. You say that I just want to be red, and I will do whatever I can to achieve my goal.

I exposed you on Weibo, and you arranged pimps who used to come to my school to inquire about my black materials.

Do you know that this matter has now broken through the circle and perpendicular to the whole Chinese society?

Hehe, Mr. Wu, I want to ask you a question. You have been in the entertainment industry for ten years. What do you say you left behind.

Your acting skills? Your embarrassing sense of variety show?


Now, even those who are with you because of money have left you.

Will you regret it? Are you afraid?

Do you know my family? Also, you dont have time to understand. We really spend less than ten days together. You brag all day long. You look down on the male champion of the draft, the popular female student, the female talent who flatters you every day, and the female executive who wants to YP with you, but you dont go. You dont even have a good word with your former teammates. Do you have a good word with the Chinese team? Looking at the variety show recorded half a year ago, there was a scene of you hugging your teammates. You told him that he had body odor, and you said it.

You dont know, my family is not bad, my monthly allowance is about 100000, 2 million, after the collapse of the talks, I went on several hot searches, and you found someone to come to the peace talks, one will be 80 million, one will be 120 million, one will be 200 million, it is not impossible to talk, oh, but there must be a condition, that is, I must tell you the information of all the victims, and always leave the public eye.

Do you know what it really feels like?

You are very smart. You must know that the victims who come to me are not so willing to stand in front of the public. However, as the victims come one by one, as every living and bloody experience unfolds slowly in front of us, as the victims get younger and younger, from MJ to LJ, and from single person to many people, we are already angry!!!

You want me to hammer all day long. I know very well that if I let go of those incredible things in my hand, I will win immediately.

But have you ever thought about it? Because of the necessary part of the law and the hot pursuit of the media, once I release it, the lives of those victims will be destroyed just like me.

I know clearly that my life must have been ruined. Although I only had sexual relations with Wu Yi, the public has long thought that I am a rotten crotch. My future husband and my mother-in-law will always take this as an excuse as long as they quarrel. Maybe my child will be called a bus child in the kindergarten.

My life is ruined, but I cant ruin theirs.

Mr. Wu, Ill give you 24 hours to prepare for a press conference, announce to the whole network and society that you will quit the Chinese entertainment circle and never enter. Then you should compensate and apologize for the brands you have cooperated with, and apologize for all official projects you speak for or have cooperative relations with. Then, try to remove all your portrait products in China, Including buildings and subway stations. At the same time, write a letter of apology to all our victims by hand and put it on your microblog for three days and 72 hours. After leaving China immediately, you dont deserve to stay in this land, you Canadians, where you come from. Before leaving, think of a way to take out the new crown vaccine. Its made in China and you dont deserve it.

Otherwise, even if I dont expose those girls, I can ruin your reputation.

All right, get ready.

Mr. Wu, this time, its a decisive battle.