Inheriting red culture is a logical starting point of Chinese film narration

 Inheriting red culture is a logical starting point of Chinese film narration

Any art history is made up of artistic creation in different historical stages. As a popular art form, film art has unique advantages in exploring red resources, telling red stories, carrying forward red tradition and inheriting red gene. Looking back at the history of Chinese film creation, we can see that Chinese filmmakers always regard inheriting the red cultural gene as an important mission, and constantly improve the discourse system of red films. It can be said that the inheritance of red culture gene is a logical starting point of Chinese film narrative.

New century, new journey red film leads the creative trend

Military theme is an important type of red filmu300a The grand cause of the founding of the armed forces, the hundred regiments war, the assembly, the bloody battle on Xiangjiang River, the Gutian bugle and other films with magnificent atmosphere and excellent quality reproduce the military scenes and the original appearance of the war with magnificent scenes, depict the style of the leading figures with exquisite brushwork, trace and restore the historical scenes of the revolutionary struggle with the help of image narration, In order to strengthen the audiences sense of presence and substitution. The 70th anniversary of the founding of new China tribute film Gutian bugle adopts the way of image expression across time and space, with poetic symbols such as bugle, brush, map, collar and so on. It shows a panoramic view of the extraordinary process of revolutionary leaders leading the Red Army soldiers through difficulties and twists to explore the truth and blaze a revolutionary road in a desperate situation. It is a deeply looking back at the revolutionary history, the revolutionary spirit and the revolutionary spirit Bacons works of casting soul with film art. The great cause of the founding of the armed forces, a tribute to the 90th anniversary of the founding of the armed forces, reveals the historical force of a just division and a victorious division. It is full of revolutionary heroism, with epic grand theme and era orientation.

Major political events are also the focus of red films. 2009 is the 60th anniversary of the founding of the peoples Republic of China. On September 16 of the same year, the great cause of the founding of the peoples Republic of China came out. One month after its release, the film made nearly 400 million yuan at the box office and became the champion of the Chinese film box officeu201c The combination of high patriotic enthusiasm and motherland complex with high-quality film creation and production, together with the star effect of stars shining, has inspired the landmark film events in the process of Chinese film industrialization According to the review, the founding of the peoples Republic of China has opened up the development path of the new mainstream blockbusters of domestic films, and further expanded the audience of the main theme films, especially the young audience. The 90th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of Chinas film the great cause of the founding of the party, the era span from the 1911 Revolution to the founding of the Communist Party of China in 1921, tells the historical story of the Communists going through fire and water for the nation in the turbulent times.

Undoubtedly, the expression of the glorious years of the revolutionary martyrs by several generations of filmmakers is a kind of historical conscious artistic pursuit and aesthetic exploration, reflecting the rationality, maturity and self-confidence of contemporary Chinese film narrative.

It has a sense of history, reality and cosmopolitanism

This question can only be answered if you understand the outstanding process of incubation of Chinese history in the past quarter of a century. It is obvious that this legitimate birth is the present red army. In the 1930s, American journalist Edgar Snow wrote such words through what he saw, heard and felt in the northwest base area. The film of the same name, based on snows Reportage red star shining on China, was launched in 2019. It tells how the famous American journalist 83 years ago ventured into northern Shaanxi with a strong sense of curiosity and responsibility to conduct on-the-spot interviews in the Northwest Revolutionary Base, and revealed the secret of red China to the world for the first time. He solemnly predicted that the Communist Party of China and the revolutionary cause under its leadership are like a shining red star, shining not only on the northwest of China, but also on the whole China and the whole world.

In the context of the new era, a number of excellent films with firm value stand and distinctive characteristics of the times have gradually become important works in Chinas red film corridor, such as Mekong action, Red Sea Action, me and my motherland, climber and so on. These films with red cultural gene, idealistic passion and heroic temperament also have the potential to spread overseas and highlight the soft power of Chinese culture.