1921 released today: take the audience to look back at the original heart from the depth of history

 1921 released today: take the audience to look back at the original heart from the depth of history

On July 1, one hundred years after the founding of the Communist Party of China, the film 1921 was released nationwide, bringing the audience to look back at their original heart from the depth of history and listen to the thunder of youth at the beginning of the world. As of about 12 noon yesterday, the pre-sale box office of the film had exceeded 100 million yuan, becoming one of the important ways for many audiences, especially young audiences, to celebrate July 1 and review history.

1921 was filmed under the guidance of the Propaganda Department of Shanghai municipal Party committee, supervised and directed by Huang Jianxin, CO directed by Zheng Dasheng, and starred by Huang Xuan, Wang Renjun, Ni Ni and other outstanding actors. Starting from the cross-sectional perspective of the times, the film focuses on the story that happened around 1921, and reproduces the magnificent historical group of young people from all over the world with an average age of 28 years old. They break through the tracking and obstruction of various forces at home and abroad, overcome many difficulties, and gather in Shanghai to hold the first National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Declare the founding of the Communist Party of China.

It premiered at the Shanghai International Film Festival, and was shown in advance all over the country. Before its national release, 1921 entered the university campus, the Central Party school, and also met with senior fans. For the viewers who have seen it first, the film, which is based on faith, youth, passion and poetry, and the spirit of to sacrifice and dare to teach the sun and the moon to change the sky that it shows, have made it difficult for them to calm down for a long time.

The first shot of 1921 gives Chen Duxiu a look back in prison. In his eyes are the revolutionaries despair of the society at that time and their hope for the future of youth. In the Central Party school, the students of the Graduate School realized the lens language like this: it presents an old China that was besieged and full of waste a hundred years ago, and leads to the question of the film: Why did China need the Communist Party of China a hundred years ago, and why did those young people take a road that the predecessors did not take.

On the big screen, Mao Zedong runs in the streets of Shanghai on summer night. The picture flashed back in his mind stays in the dialogue of his revolutionary partner. Yang Kaihui asks: life is so short that we may not see the dawn of victory. Is it meaningful to pay today? Mao Zedong replied: of course! We cant choose our country, we cant choose our family, but we can choose our ideals. Its worth fighting for the ideal and dedicating to the truth, even if you get nothing. In Changsha, the young audience said, the ideal of revolution is higher than the sky. There is no more suitable film promotion speech.

In the story, even if he was followed, Li Da insisted on going to the printing factory. He wanted to change common people into people. When asked what the difference was, Li Da replied: of course, there is a difference. common people refers to people in general, and people is the master. The meaning is similar, but the essence is completely different. Many audiences understand that the original intention and mission of the Chinese Communists is to strive for the happiness of the Chinese people and the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. The rooftop dialogue between Li Da and his wife, the sacrifice of Yang Kaihui, Deng Enming and others, and the details worth watching in the film are everywhere, which have become the famous scenes in the hearts of the audience.

Before that, a young student said: 1921 makes people feel the forefathers of revolution who can be known, felt and trusted. A hundred years ago, they were actually our peers. When they live for faith and die for faith, I can feel the firmness of where the Tao lies, though thousands of people will go.

Today, more and more young people will enter the cinema to appreciate the purity of the original intention, the truth of the doctrine, the firmness of the faith and the beauty of the ideal of those peers a hundred years ago.

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