LAN Tianye, the winner of July 1st Medal: shine and heat for the party and the people

 LAN Tianye, the winner of July 1st Medal: shine and heat for the party and the people

In September 1945, LAN Tianye, 18, joined the Communist Party of China. According to LAN Tianyes recollection, he once participated in the work of the underground party and came into contact with drama at that time, the higher authorities asked us to focus our work on the drama front. In this way, acting has gradually become my major. Later, his superior instructed him to withdraw to the liberated areas. For the sake of safety, he changed his original name Wang Runsen to Lan Tianye, which is still in use today.

In 1952, LAN Tianye became the first group of actors after the founding of Beijing Peoples Art Theater. He devoted his whole life to the stage of peoples art drama and won the 60th anniversary of new Chinas literary and art work, the Golden Lion Award for Chinese drama, Chinese Drama Award u00b7 lifetime Achievement Award and National Double Happiness award u00b7 Lifetime Achievement Award.

LAN Tianye took part in the drama Peking man. Beijing Peoples Art Gallery

At the age of 85, he took part in Jia Zi Yuan, at the age of 87, he returned to direct King Wu Jin Ge Yue Jian, at the age of 88, he re directed ladys return home, at the age of 90, he directed Da Suishi, at the age of 93, he took part in the drama home 11 times in a row, and at the age of 94, he re directed King Wu Jin Ge Yue Jian, And constantly refresh their own creation of the oldest drama director performance record.

To cultivate art talents with both virtue and art

Example is more important than words. In 2015, LAN Tianye, 88 years old, directed the drama Lady returns home. He carefully deliberated and explained every line and every action of the actor. Once, because the young actors body movements were not in place, he suddenly threw away his crutches and fell to the ground for demonstration. The people next to him were worried about his health. He said, its my duty to cultivate talents. Theres nothing I cant afford.

In 2021, at the age of 94, LAN Tianye directed the drama king of Wu Jin Ge, king of Yue Jian. In more than three months of rehearsal time, he was the first to go to the rehearsal hall and backstage, hand in hand to teach the actors the basic skills of sound stage and form, one-on-one to guide the actors how to integrate into the role, and strictly controlled the whole play with strict artistic standards. During the performance of the play, he still kept watching the live performance in the theater until late at night, and finally left the theater after the performance, which made all the staff admire him.