Xiaoxianrou boasted about the establishment of Xueba, but he was killed by his 7 million fans

 Xiaoxianrou boasted about the establishment of Xueba, but he was killed by his 7 million fans

After the incident, his fans and netizens were mad at each other, and they had a hot search with Dr. Qinghua. It was revealed that he raised 7 million yuan, and finally spent 300000 yuan to make up lessons for the little fresh meat. Lets make up the story of Ma Jiaqis rollover. Lets talk about the story behind the rollover and see how crazy his fans are.

Data analysis

In this group, the team leader Ma Jiaqi has always been an excellent presence in the eyes of fans and has been labeled as Xueba for a long time. According to the summary of the data, there are eight hot searches related to learning for Ma Jiaqi in the past six months. Before scoring, these hot searches are all about praising him as Amway of Xueba, and the rainbow farts of fans are in place.

Reading self discipline hot search

In addition to this half years hot search, in the previous daily interviews and publicity, the label of Xueba often appears. As early as September 2018, a hot search for a Xueba Ma Jiaqi to be an idol appeared. Fan group official Wen Amway Xueba Ma Jiaqi praised him as an all-round player.

2u3001 Illegal fund raising? Fans reveal that they have raised 7 million yuan and sent 300000 yuan to Ma Jiaqi to make up lessons

Make up fees announced before college entrance examination

Seeing that all the team members who took part in the college entrance examination were questioned, Shidai Fengjun immediately issued a statement, saying that Ma Jiaqi did not use the 300000 yuan raised by his fans to supplement the cultural courses, which was the training fee for the art examination, and that the other two members of the Youth League of Shidai got good grades; As for Ma Jiaqis failure this time, the company will actively communicate with him. But the statement did not quell the storm, but made fans of the three parties more dissatisfied. Ding Chengxin and Zhang Zhenyuans fans think that their idols cant send good news when they are admitted, but they are dragged down and scolded by Ma Jiaqi; Ma Jiaqis fans think that the company praises the other two teammates as cutting into their idols without considering his situation.

Fund raising QR code can be scanned

Seeing this statement, Ma Jiaqis fan support network official Wei sent a long message to Shidai Fengjun, directly shaking out the 7 million yuan raised for investment. He also said that he was willing to give the 7 million yuan to Shidai Fengjun at that time, but he didnt expect that the company would treat Ma Jiaqi harshly (netizens can scan these fund-raising QR codes, but Xiaobians personal test is true ~).

The second statement of Shidai Fengjun

Fund raising is a sensitive word in the rice circle, let alone a huge sum of 7 million. Ma Jiaqis fan support association publicly disclosed the incident. Shidai Fengjun made a statement to emphasize that he has been advocating against fans fund-raising and that many companies are also using the way of selling virtual products. However, the statement did not give a positive response. Is it true to raise $7 million? How did the money come from? Did the huge sum of money go to the company as the fans said? Where are the flowers? The statement neither admits nor denies the above problems, which is full of words.

3u3001 Huduzi makes a joke! Ma Jiaqis fans tear Dr. Tsinghuas hot search and Wang Hailins counterattack

Comments of Ma Jiaqis fans

When netizens put their attention on Ma Jiaqis fans, some amazing words of these fans were picked out without accident. For example, before scoring, fans juxtaposed Ma Jiaqi and Marx, saying that Marx is also surnamed Ma; Some netizens revealed Ma Jiaqis transcript of college entrance examination in Henan Province. Fans suspected that netizens were faking and slandering, and even separated Zhengzhou from Henan directly, saying that he clearly belongs to Zhengzhou, but you must say he belongs to Henan... There are so many such remarks, which make people who eat melon more curious about this circle.

Firetree and Ma Jiaqi fans

I didnt expect that something more embarrassing happened. The real identity of firetree was exposed. He was not only a doctor of Tsinghua University, but also a graduate and doctoral student of Tsinghua University. It is reported that his real name is ye Xunmin. He was the number one science student in Luzhous college entrance examination in 2006. He once participated in the strongest brain. In the face of abuse from Ma Jiaqis fans, firetree directly put up the screenshots of these fans, saying that it had participated in the design of the nuclear power plant, which was reasonable and justified. Compared with the angry rice circle quotations of the fans, firetree stood high and low. There is no doubt that this wave of fans operation was once again ridiculed by the melon eating masses, and Ma Jiaqi himself was scolded. In the entry of fire tree nine leak fish, all the netizens were ridiculing Ma Jiaqi and his fans.