Zhang Songwen talks about performing Li Dazhao: only the tip of Mr. Shou Changs iceberg

 Zhang Songwen talks about performing Li Dazhao: only the tip of Mr. Shou Changs iceberg

Beiqing.com - Beijing Youth Daily reported on July 1 that performance is a perceptual work, but Zhang Songwen is more real like a scientific research worker. He likes to ask a motive and why in everything, so that he often drives the director and screenwriter Crazy and pleads for mercy: you can act as you want.

Zhang Songwen wants to understand why Li Dazhao grew up from a farmer in daheituo village of leting county to a pioneer of Chinese Communist movement, a great Marxist, an outstanding proletarian revolutionist and one of the main founders of the Communist Party of China, Let him be so calm in the face of sacrifice? Zhang Songwen said: Mr. Li Dazhaos fearless spirit is not what I can get from Zhang Songwens ideological pattern. Im afraid that I will be disrespectful because I dont understand, because I will be confused when I dont understand, and the audience wont accept when I am confused when I perform.

Now, the revolutionary will be released on July 1. Zhang Songwen told reporters that he was very nervous. When shooting, he worried that he would not be able to play Mr. shouchang well. Now, he worried that the audience would accept him. This is the most self-confident time I have ever had in my career. I dont think I can use acting skills to complete this molding. If I use acting skills to mold the role of Li Dazhao, Im sorry for him. So this time, I want to try to understand him and approach him.

Li Dazhao must not be defeated

Starting from Li Dazhaos childhood

Revolutionary is supervised by Guan Hu, directed by Xu zhanxiong, and produced by Liang Jing. It takes the 38 hours before Li Dazhao goes to the gallows as the countdown. It uses a multi perspective narrative structure, starting from multiple roles of different social strata, different ideas and various groups, and from multiple identities of father, husband, teacher, friend and opponent, This paper makes a comprehensive interpretation of Li Dazhao, an outstanding proletarian revolutionist. The film restores a more flesh and blood revolutionary figure, which is more smoky and humane. Li Dazhao lives not only in historical documents, but also in a drop of blood and tears.

After receiving an invitation to play Li Dazhao, the four words that pop up in Zhang Songwens mind are supreme glory: how can I play Li Dazhao? Im so honored. The next thing I think about is trouble . Im worried about whether I can play this role.

Zhang Songwen recalled that there was still one and a half months to go before the film started, and no script had been given. Zhang Songwens reply is to try, I told them that its better to find backup actors, if I feel that Im not competent in preparation, Ill tell you right away. . I dont want to fight an uncertain battle. Li Dazhao cant bear defeat. Although as an actor, you can play many roles in your life and even if you fail, I can never fail Li Dazhao.

After promising to have a try, Zhang Songwen spent 15 days reading a lot of materials. In these materials, Zhang Songwen said that Li Dazhaos childhood experience had a great impact on him: Li Dazhaos parents died early, he was brought up by his grandfather, and he suffered a lot of blindness when he was young. He was scolded for not having a father or a mother, Such children tend to develop into two extreme personalities, either extreme inferiority, split personality, or self-improvement. Li Dazhao is the latter. His education and strong self-discipline make him a great man.

Zhang Songwen talks endlessly about Li Dazhao. He says that Mr. shouchangs grandfather once invited three private school teachers for him, one of whom was more powerful than the other. The third one even went to the Imperial College to take part in the palace examination. That is to say, this private school teacher not only has real talent and learning, but also has seen scenes. Although Li Dazhao was born in the countryside, he received a very good education, After that, he came into contact with Western science and went to Japan. His constant self-improvement, strong self-discipline ability, his knowledge and vision enabled him to see that only Marxism can save China at the darkest moment in China, go forward without looking back, and turn away from the darkness to the light. Instead of complaining about the darkness, its better to go ahead with the lantern.

Before playing, Zhang Songwen was full of awe for playing Li Dazhao. Every day when I set out to go to the set, I was more nervous. I was full of awe for every role I played, but this time it was the most awe , and I was even more awed after the performance.

It is not acceptable to only be recognized as appearance

I like to improvise

For Li Dazhao, a great man, historical materials mostly explain events, but rarely explain character. Zhang Songwen thinks that this is the difficulty of performance. Im afraid I cant express a real Li Dazhao. Im afraid this is Zhang Songwens understanding, not Li Dazhaos sincerity. During the film review, China Li Dazhao Research Association and Li Jiansheng, Li Dazhaos grandson, wrote an official letter, which contained a long paragraph about my performance. I was very excited. I felt that being recognized by them was more important than anything. They think that I performed my ancestors and a living person, so I am very happy. I am afraid that I will become a symbol. Others say that you look very similar. Thats the credit of the makeup teacher of the crew, not the way I act. As a professional actor, I cant accept that people just say I look like you.

Li Dazhao is a staunch communist. How to perform that kind of staunch heart made Zhang Songwen think for a long time, I think whether or not to perform his hesitation, is it right that there is no thinking? I need to make a choice. After weighing it over and over again, I dont think its right. If a person doesnt think and doesnt hesitate to say the answer, its actually quite wrong. The greatest firmness should be the firmness after careful consideration. Thats the power of faith.

Zhang Songwen likes to improvise. When he gets inspired, he starts to play. There is a scene in which Li Dazhao and the common people are in the farmland. The director asks him to play casually, farm and chat. I see an old man next to me smoking a bag and lighting it with straw. I suddenly feel good, so I tell the director that I want to smoke. The director says smoking may not be broadcast, I said I dont care. Ill shoot first. I just sat down on the floor. As soon as I sat down, an old yellow dog came over. Sitting next to me, the old man with a smoking bag chatted with me about his daily life. He asked me if my family planted the land and where the rice water came from. I said to try the old mans smoking bag. He handed me the burnt yellow one. I said to try it. It was too choking. At that moment, I felt that I had caught a temperament of Li Dazhao. I feel that I can suddenly feel why such a famous person like him can get along with the people.

Zhang Songwen also improvises words. For example, in the film, he asks his wife Zhao Lanlan, do you think this experiment I did can be successful? This is Zhang Songwens own addition: because I want to perform Li Dazhaos humanity, he is not only firm, but also contradictory, fragile and hesitant. These aspects will make the character more three-dimensional.

In the movie, Li Dazhao proposes that all walks of life of Shanghai industry and Commerce unite to strike for one hour, threatening the Russian Embassy to hand over the thugs. Finally, after a negotiation strike for three hours, the Russian Embassy is helpless to hand over the thugs. They hate Li Dazhao and tell him to wait, but Li Dazhao calmly replies welcome to China: this is my temporary line. China should strengthen itself, not just today, It has been mentioned for hundreds of years, and it has been mentioned in every period that we need to rise, and that China should become stronger.

Being a performance director is addictive to actors

Dont believe in the security of fame

Zhang Songwen has now become a recognized acting school, and his late success story is also quite inspirational. He was admitted to Beijing Film Academy at the age of 24. At that time, he was the oldest student in the school. Because he was a Cantonese, he studied Mandarin late. When he arrived at the film academy, other people learned to perform. Zhang Songwen had to practice Mandarin first. Starting from four is four, ten is ten in the corner of the campus every day. In the power of time, he once told us that he practiced with a stone in his mouth every day, I used to make jokes because I was called director.

When he graduated, Zhang Songwen graduated with the first grade in his major, which was highly expected by his teachers. He did not expect that he would not perform in three years after graduation. In the first year after graduation, he met more than 300 drama groups, all of which were rejected. In the second year, he met more than 200, in the third year, he was rejected by about 700 drama groups in three years.

Three years later, Zhang Songwen began to take on many small roles. He was discovered by many people as Lou Yes cloud of rain in the wind. He was also found to be a treasure actor as his secret corner.

Zhang Songwen said that he had no chance to act, so he could only become an actor when he was acting as a director. What puzzled him was that everyone recognized his guidance, but why didnt he performu201c The industry believes in safety in particular. Im a little better now. People say, if you find him, the play will be guaranteed. its the same thing they did to me in those days. In their opinion, when I was not famous, the play would not be guaranteed. Now I sometimes say, who can I find for this role? They say that they have never heard of it. Why do they believe it when they have heard of it? I dont know if its suitable for the audition. Without fame, its hard to even have the opportunity to audition.

Zhang Songwen is somewhat helpless about this. The market has not greatly improved the opportunities for new actors. I hope this industry does not superstition the so-called sense of security brought by fame. I never believe that stars can bring box office guarantee.

Love asked motivation for this also on the psychological training class

After three years of no shooting, Zhang Songwen received a small role. The deputy director told him that he was shooting with the leading actors and actresses. When he arrived at the set, he realized that it was the leading actors and actresses who had dinner together. He and six or seven people had dinner in the back. I cant say if I dont play a 30 yuan daily mass actor, because if I dont play, there wont be any other performance opportunities.

But the performance was not pleasant, because Zhang Songwen kept asking questions. Whats the name of the character? What do you do? How old are you? They say that you dont care what you call it or what you do. At your age, he asks what character the character is. They say that you just sit there and eat. They also ask what education level the characters parents have. They say that you can leave if you dont shoot. Later, when you are questioned, they say that you can let him go.

For Zhang Songwen, when he plays a role, whether its 50 meters or 100 meters outside the camera, he wants to know the background of this person, how he came, what he did, and what books he read recently? This kind of 100000 whys spirit made Zhang Songwen torture the screenwriter very hard, and also prompted him to attend a psychological training class of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

After going there, Zhang Songwen was hoodwinked, because as soon as he went in, people were wearing white coats and handing business cards to this hospital and that department, when people asked me which hospital you were, I said Guangdong, I didnt dare to say that I was an actor.

In the first week of class, Zhang Songwen said that he seemed to be reading the book of heaven. When the teacher asked him what band to use for the treatment of autistic patients, Zhang Songwen had to confess to his teacher that he was an actor. He didnt understand, that class was very expensive, and I was poor at that time. Since I had already paid my tuition, I couldnt bear to leave. I stayed up every day for a month. These doctors taught me basic theory, They helped me catch up with the progress. Now many doctors are still my good friends. Someone said to me a few days ago, Wenzi, I just saw your fight against the underworld . You are a service-oriented personality.

Zhang Songwens memory is always praised because he can clearly remember the time and other details when recalling the past. However, Zhang Songwen said that his memory is not outstanding at all in this training class. Once, an old lady in her 90s came to our class, and she was helped in. She wrote hundreds of numbers on the blackboard for us to see, Then lets turn around and write the numbers on the blackboard in order. I cant write 11 of them. When I got the answer, I found that my sixth one was wrong. Someone in the class was wrong the first one, and there were more than 30 wrong ones. This number is irregular and random. The old lady asked people to write more than 100 numbers randomly on the blackboard. After chatting with us, she wrote all the more than 100 numbers correctly in order. She is over 90 years old. This lesson let me know the secret of human memory. It is said that people with the strongest memory ability in the world use less than one thousandth of their brain capacity when they die, so dont worry that you will remember useless information and occupy brain space. You can remember boldly. Even if you move the library into your brain, you wont occupy too much space.

Not afraid to be more grateful for good works

Zhang Songwens interpretation of Li Dazhaos scene when he was on the gallows pushed the revolutionary to a tragic climax. Mr. shouchang sat in the cell with his light on his back, listening to the elegant calm of his execution notice; Before shaving his head, he talked and laughed freely with his comrades in arms and had a little nostalgia for the world; The heartfelt words of you must believe... when you put on the rope around your neck are extremely shocking pictures, showing Zhang Songwens performance skills. It can be seen that Zhang Songwen has mobilized all his physical and mental strength to get close to the conservative spiritual world, showing the dignity and dignity of life.

Zhang Songwen said that he was grateful for the release of revolutionary after the age of awakening, because the audience would have a reference, I am very grateful for the good works, because it can let us learn history in the entertainment. In Zhang Songwens view, it is obviously necessary to study and understand history. I think understanding history has three advantages: one is to know how to cherish the present, the other is to know how to create the future, and the third is to have wisdom.

Today, Zhang Songwen has been involved in the shooting of the new play, but the shooting scenes, even the seats and the lines of the film of the revolutionary can still be clearly recalled by Zhang Songwen to the reporters, which shows the depth of the investment. Zhang Songwen is also very eager to hear the real feedback from the audience, whether I perform well or not, I just performed the tip of the iceberg of keeping the routine, and I cant completely restore him, but the spirit of keeping the routine will stay with me for a long time in the future, even for a lifetime.

By our reporter Zhang Jia