Yang Mi gets drunk and sexually assaulted full picture video exposed

 Yang Mi gets drunk and sexually assaulted full picture video exposed

After the exposure of Meiwei love, Yang Mis popularity soared again, and the topic about her continued. Some netizens turned out the stills of Yang Mi in the early stage of his drama, which immediately became popular on the Internet. In the stills, she is wearing an open navel skirt, with big wavy hair and heavy makeup. She looks extremely sexy. Whats more, Yang Mi is forced to kiss and attack her chest by the actor in the play, which can be said to be a bargain. When I was a student, I was able to shoot such a large-scale work. No wonder I have been working hard all the way.

Yang Mi is popular all over the country now. As soon as this person is popular, something happens. In one activity, the boss of the organizer suddenly hugs Yang Mi from behind her seat and wants to kiss her. At that time, she is scared to lose her face. Feng Shaofeng sits beside Yang Mi, but he can only watch Yang Mi being harassed.

About last July, a netizen microblog revealed a group of pictures of Yang Mi being drunk and sexually assaulted. According to the netizens disclosure, Yang Mi was sexually assaulted after being drunk in a bar in Beijing. According to the netizens disclosure, Yang Mi was sexually assaulted after being drunk by the director after shooting the movie lonely island. As for the disclosure on the Internet, after receiving the news, a reporter called a friend close to Yang Mi and Liu Kaiwei to verify. According to a friend familiar with the matter, this incident is all a media rumor. Its boring to make a simple drunken photo into a sexual assault, but Yang Mi has not made any response.

Yang Mi says that its not you who encounter the hidden rules, but the people around you encounter the hidden rules. Sometimes the roles that are clearly decided will temporarily brush me down because of the relationship and other reasons. It is also revealed by people familiar with the matter that the hidden rules in the entertainment circle are commonplace. Many female stars want to be popular, and the hidden rules are the shortcut to fast becoming popular.

Yang Mi

As early as 2011, Yang Mi once exposed the hidden rules in a dream of Red Mansions when participating in a certain program. At that time, Yang Mi claimed that there were hidden rules in the cast selection of the red chamber, and she herself had been hidden. Yang Mi said at that time: I think that maybe everyone has seen the prospect of a dream of Red Mansions, or the business opportunities of a dream of Red Mansions. So no matter what price and effort you pay, you have to squeeze in.

In response to this rumor, the media have been connecting Yang Mis agent Xi Xi. Later, Yang Mis agent described it as an extraordinary thing: it happened on the day when Yang Mi flew to New York for fashion week. As soon as she got on the plane, I received a call from the media. She didnt know about it until she arrived in New York for more than ten hours. Its a complete nonsense. I dont want to say more about the incident itself, but we have to take legal measures to slander a girl on such a large scale. Yang Mis agent later said that he had asked a lawyer to intervene. In two or three hours, the lawyers statement will arrive.

Lin Zhiling

Cecilia Cheung

Cecilia Cheung

Cecilia Cheung was caught in the indecent photo incident, which made her stay at home for a year and dare not go out. Thanks to her good husband Xiao Xie, she did not give up on her. But the indecent photo incident made her change her way of acting, and she was able to re shoot after she had two sons in a row.