Fresh meat with 25 marks in mathematics of college entrance examination

 Fresh meat with 25 marks in mathematics of college entrance examination

It was during this years college entrance examination that Ma Jiaqi was followed and photographed by fans when he went in and out of the examination room. In the script, it was said that Ma Jiaqi studied in No.8 Middle School in Zhengzhou. He is a famous academic bully. It seems that Ma Jiaqi should have done well in the exam because he is so calm.. At present, the company clarified that the money was not used to make up lessons for ma.

Originally, we shouldnt criticize the academic performance of entertainment stars, but after entering the era of traffic, selling human devices has become a sharp weapon to harvest fansu201c Xueba Renshi is labeled as clever, sensible, progressive and positive energy, which is used again and again. The acting skill is just fine, the dancing skill is average, and there is no decent representative work, so sell Xueba renshe! If you look like a book, you can reap the screams of fans; If you speak English, you can go on the hot searchu201c Xueba Renshi is very confusing and even deceptive. It can also make fans have the legitimate illusion of mindless star pursuit. Who said that star pursuit delayed their studyu201c My brother is the right Xueba!

The network ecology manipulated by entertainment capital has been outputting incorrect values of getting something for nothing. Even some we media and fan circles are still boasting about the learning concept that you can be a Xueba without serious study and brushing variety shows. You cant believe that watching my brother, you can go to the notice, you can do variety shows, you can film, and you can go to the Spring Festival Gala, They are still learning to be bullies!

Achievement comes from spelling, happiness comes from doing. Irrational fans of fan circle should also wake up. They will not increase their college entrance examination scores or their salary by one cent by applying for assistance, making lists, controlling reviews, donating money and paving the way.

Fans may also be ironic: when you got 500 points, 600 points, so what? Isnt it 996, PPT and KPI? My family love bean young age, already is ten million class flow, one million annual salary, you can compare? This is actually the problem of values. For Ma Jiaqi, even if he is admitted to Peking University, it is just one more package, just like Zhai Tianlins doctoral degree before. However, the flow of traffic cant change the struggle, and fame cant change the results. The college entrance examination is the self proof of youth, not whose toy.

The college entrance examination paper is a real photo to the filter, telling everyone: struggle, struggle is the right way of youth. Dont let the false Xueba Renzhi mislead people again.