Increase the scope of gold fishing! Chen Sichengs affiliated company registered Tangtan 1900 trademark

 Increase the scope of gold fishing! Chen Sichengs affiliated company registered Tangtan 1900 trademark

Earlier, Chen Sicheng appeared at the press conference of Shanghai Science and technology film capital. He said that he would shoot a new series of Tangtan, focusing on the American Chinatown during the second industrial revolution. He also revealed that Mozart in outer space has been shot and is in the post production stage. The difficulty and time have exceeded expectations, so it can not be released in the summer. The most advanced technology is used in this film, which will present the best audio-visual effect.

Mozart in outer space is a science fiction and comedy film written and directed by Chen Sicheng. The film tells the story of Ren Dawang (Huang Bo) who wants to train his astronomy loving son Ren Xiaotian (Rong Zishan) to become a pianist. Mozart, the mysterious alien, helps Xiaotian and his father to fight for wisdom and courage after his unexpected appearance. In March 2020, the film Mozart in outer space was approved. On September 26, the film was launched in Beijing, and all the scenes were shot in Beijing. On November 22, the film released a concept poster. In December, the film released hand drawn pictures on social platforms.

What Chen Sicheng wants is the original IP Tang explore the universe. In the exploration of the previous series, has the series of Tangtan met the first bottleneck? Will the five-year accumulation of word-of-mouth begin to show a watershed here in Tangtan 3?

Looking back on the series of Tangtan: its known as a surprise work, which has achieved great success and achieved good results repeatedly

At the end of 2015, Chen Sichengs first crime suspense action comedy Chinatown detective, which was edited and directed by himself, was born as a dark horse. The Douban score was 7.7, and the box office won the first place in the new years file at that time, with a total of 830 million in the end, which was highly praised by the industry and the audience. It was just the second time that Chen Sicheng directed and made a film.

On the first day of its release, it made a box office record of 1 billion yuan, setting a number of Chinese box office records, while Hello, Li Huanying, which ranked second at that time, was less than 300 million. Both inside and outside the industry are generally optimistic that this may be the dark horse that impacts the status of war wolf 2 (5.68 billion).

Tangtan 3 (related link: behind the popularity of Chinatown detective 3 is the capital game between Chen Sicheng and Wanda) won 1 billion yuan on the first day of its release, but on the 10th day, the box office just reached 4 billion yuan, which made Chen Sicheng the first 10 billion yuan director in Chinese film history. The result was not satisfactory, but it did not reach Chen Sichengs satisfaction.

In the face of the fact that word-of-mouth fell to the bottom (7.7 in the first film, 6.6 in the second, 5.6 in the third), and the box office was hard to reach a new peak, Chen Sicheng talked about his own problems and the original intention of making Tangtan 3 at the sharing meeting.

In fact, Chen Sicheng is very cautious and even a little helpless about exploring the universe pattern in Tang Dynasty: my first movie actually pays more attention to the trajectory of killing people, which makes you unexpected. But if my second and third movie is always like this, in fact, you will be tired of it. In the second part, I want to show less. In the third part, for the sake of pattern and vision, I didnt care much about the design of the case itself.

Chen Sichengs expectation for Tangtan is more than just a family comedy movie: I hope to make some movies similar to fanwai. For example, movies with other detectives will no longer focus on Tangren and Qinfeng. Maybe some of its family elements will be removed, or some elements of big action scenes may become more typed, Then our investment will be reduced, and we may go to other schedules, so that different audiences can find different things they like in different movies. uff08 Related reports: foreign media focus on Tang Tan: the first Chinese IP universe exported to the world)

Chen Sicheng thinks highly of the location and implication of Tangtan 3: I want to tell you through such a movie that we must be alert to war. I always feel that we need to make some voices in our creative work. We cant just see the creative noumenon. When you really look at some things happening on the earth today from a higher perspective, such as the aggravation of regional friction, the aggravation of ethnic friction, and then the solidification of social strata, the continuous aggravation of the rich and the poor, you will find that our happy today may be fleeting. Although it is a commercial film, I hope that through a film, some people can see some danger and some consciousness.

For this reason, Chen Sicheng spared no effort to spend $100W to buy Michael Jacksons Health e world (the songs theme is anti war and calling for world peace, known as the most beautiful song in the world) as the final song.

Can Tangtan 4 be made? Chen Sicheng hopes more encouragement for Chinese films

With the audiences understanding of this series, Chen Sicheng, the director and screenwriter, is constantly fighting with the audience in the process of wisdom and courage: its hard for people to talk about it. As a work of art, film should have both artistic and commercial attributes. As a matter of fact, as far as we are concerned, I have been struggling with myself all the time. Which side should I want more?