Wang Ziwen and Wu Yongen have shown their love frequently since April

 Wang Ziwen and Wu Yongen have shown their love frequently since April

Netease Entertainment reported on June 2 that on the evening of June 1, Wang Ziwen posted a group of photos with her boyfriend Wu Yongen on the social platform, with an accompanying article: ordinarypeople. In the photo, they are wearing white T-shirts, looking at each other affectionately, full of happiness and sweetness.

On April 10, Wang Ziwen changed the nickname of his social account to Wang Ziwen AVA, and published a group photo of Guan Xuans new love affair with Wu Yongen, with the following text: aw u2764ufe0f AWu201du3002

It is reported that Wang Ziwen and Wu Yongen met and fell in love in the variety show beating heart again. EVA was originally the English name Wu Yongen gave her, but in order to echo Wu Yongens English name Andrew, it was specially changed to AVA.

On April 12, Wang Ziwen and her boyfriend Wu Yongen attended the event and walked on the red carpet hand in hand. It was the first time that the two men made their debut since their official announcement of their love affair on April 10. In the picture, they are smiling and in good condition, holding hands and waist, as sweet as conjoined baby.

On April 13, Wang Ziwen shared the same frame photo with Wu Yongen again, and said to each other: Thank you for accompanying me to the show.