The perfect victim premiere praised, the main creator collective voice refuse domestic violence

 The perfect victim premiere praised, the main creator collective voice refuse domestic violence

At the premiere ceremony, director Yang Longjie said frankly when talking about the original intention of creation that the film not only has the entertainment property, but also should bear part of the practical significance, passing on the little-known knowledge to everyone. Talking about the theme of the film, Yang Longjie also said that the publics understanding of domestic violence focuses on hard domestic violence or cold violence. In fact, its follow-up impact is more far-reaching, which may destroy the life of the victims. Without enough attention, domestic violence may become a social problem.

As a female actress, Feng Wenjuan is particularly concerned about the problem of domestic violence. She called on the scene to be brave to say no when encountering domestic violence. Meanwhile, she disclosed that she had seen many cases of women encountering domestic violence during the preparation of the project and felt very worried. In the film, Zhang Junning plays a psychologist. When he talks about the role, he cant help feeling that this character has suffered a miserable life because of domestic violence, which is very representative. In fact, domestic violence is not far away from us, it may happen in a neglected corner.

In addition, Lu Zhanxiang, a 15-year-old child star, is also very concerned about social topics. He said that children are vulnerable groups in the family, and violence between parents can cause life-long trauma to children. In this film, he has a deeper understanding of domestic violence. We should not only refuse violence, but also learn to care and help others. Liu Fanfei, who plays a victim in the film, appeals passionately at the scene that girls should have self-respect, self love, self-confidence and self-reliance, and must protect themselves.

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On the perfect victim from a professional perspective

According to the survey data of all China Womens Federation in 2019, among 270 million families in China, 30% of women have suffered from domestic violence, with an average of one woman being beaten by her husband every 7.4 seconds. Domestic violence has become a social problem that can not be ignored. In this context, the film perfect victim chooses to focus on the follow-up influence of domestic violence and deeply analyze the psychology of the victims. It is regarded as the first domestic suspense crime film with the theme of anti domestic violence by the outside world, which has pioneering significance in the same type of films.

At the premiere, the organizers specially invited guests from various industries to share their views on the film from different perspectives. Liu Xiang, a senior lawyer, said that in case of domestic violence, we should take up the weapon of law and seek the intervention of public security organs and relevant departments to protect our rights legally and reasonably. Xu Bolin, former secretary-general of the China Film Association, commented that the perfect victim is a film with characteristics, which combines technology, emotion and thinking together, and is thought-provoking after sensory stimulation. Yan Kun, a well-known director, heart labyrinth, forensic Qin Mings survivor and other well-known screenwriter, praised the brilliant use of the films lens and the internal tension of the role created by the actors. Gao Weiguang, a popular actor, praised the film and said, the director handles the details very well. For example, a professional dancer must have bandages on his feet. Action plays are also very gripping, with the impression of Hollywood blockbusters.

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