Is it good to be in America? Suspected cousin Zheng Shuangs response: very good, dont read

 Is it good to be in America? Suspected cousin Zheng Shuangs response: very good, dont read

Since then, other fans have proved that the account is indeed Zheng Shuangs cousin, but the account is on other platforms and should be relatively private. Only Zheng Shuangs iron fan knows.

Some fans said that they sent Xiaoshuangs video on the social platform, and her cousin replied I love her below.

An article by Uncle Zheng Shuang

On May 16, Zheng Shuangs uncle zuogg rarely published an article. He quoted Mo Yans famous sentence: love life from those who like you, and see the world from those who dont like you. he was suspected of shouting for Zheng Shuang. This move also comforted many fans who still supported Zheng Shuang, leaving a message and replying: let her take good care of herself, we are always here.

Judgment: Zheng Shuang has the time to support, and the court formulates a detailed schedule

After collecting various evidences and information, the court found the relationship between Zhang Heng and Zheng Shuang. According to the verdict, Zhang Heng was the only parent the children knew. In nearly 18 months, Zhang Heng was the main carer, and only he was responsible for ensuring that they would come to the world safely, enter a warm home, and meet the childrens needs. And Zheng Shuang, the children have only met a few times. At best, she is a dispensable person. At worst, she is just a stranger, but she is definitely not a mother.

Under this premise, based on the consideration of their parents relationship and status, the court found that Zhang Heng became the main resident of the two children, and if his father left the United States, the children would also go with him. In addition, according to the actual situation, the court formulated a parenting schedule, which is divided into two stages. From May 24, Zheng Shuang has three days a week to take care of his children, which are Monday, Wednesday and Friday, from 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 a.m; In the second stage, Zheng Shuangs child care time on Monday and Wednesday remained unchanged, but increased on Friday, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m; She also has the right to extend her parenting time as her relationship with her child eases. The premise is that Zheng Shuang needs to participate in a six-month one-on-one professional treatment to help her stabilize her mood, develop her relationship with her child, and develop her coping skills as a parent.

The rest of the childs time belongs to the father. Parents must complete the parenting course and submit the relevant certificate to the court within 60 days after the judgment takes effect.

In terms of custody decision-making power, Zhang Heng has a separate custody decision-making power, but he needs to inform his mother of any major decisions he makes for his children within 72 hours.

Basis: both sides have no effective communication, and children are not encouraged to share their feelings with each other

In the past, there was no effective communication between the two sides except that they agreed to have children together. Now, when it comes to deciding on custody, if we make a joint decision, it may increase the conflict between the two sides.

Lawyer Liu Longzhu said that Zheng Shuang and Zhang Hengs fight for custody also has a great influence in the United States. The 30 page judgment is rare, which shows the courts meticulous level of the case. The judge in this case is also a mother, and her shock and regret are beyond words. Click to view > > [full text of 30 page judgment of Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng fighting for custody

Review: the court found Zheng Shuangs emotional instability disturbing

The surrogacy of Zhang Heng and Zheng Shuang, the fight for custody, the subsequent commercial disputes, and the yin-yang contract have continued to ferment in the market. Today, the matter can be described as a chicken feather. Each case has its own merits, but no one is the winner.

They used to love each other, but now they hate each other. Unfortunately, the two little lives become the connection they can never get rid of. Until now, they still cant explain why they chose to surrogate two children.

According to the verdict, Zheng Shuang wanted to have two pig babies, but after their relationship broke down, Zheng Shuang unilaterally communicated with the surrogate agency to try to terminate the pregnancy or send them out for adoption, and the agencys attitude towards Zheng Shuang was absurd, saying frankly, we are talking about a baby, not a new product that can be returned.

Zheng Shuang didnt show up until the two children were born. Even if he prepared a home for the child in advance, Zhang Heng took over all the work after the child was born. Zhang Heng provided evidence that he had contacted Zheng Shuang, but he was blackmailed by the other party. Although the shielding was removed for a short time, Zhang Heng was blackmailed again soon. The woman assigned a lawyer to communicate with him because Zheng Shuang was too busy.

However, when the incident was exposed, Zheng Shuangs attitude was obviously much more positive, but Zhang Heng began to dodge, refused to contact the child with his mother, and did not encourage any relationship between the mother and the child. In addition, because the two people involved in 20 million domestic transaction litigation, further escalated the hostility between the two sides.

In Zhang Hengs case against Zheng Shuang in terms of mental health, the court found that she was emotionally unstable and had some disturbing behaviors after the birth of her child, such as sending photos of her fathers hair cut.

For most of the period from 2020 to 2021, parents often quarrel online over previous relationships and events, while Zhang Heng, as a father, does not talk about the children, how they are doing and how much they need to see their mother, the judgment said.

This is enough to show that both sides are immature, unable to put their childrens needs before their own, let alone seriously consider what these two lives mean.

By Zhang Jing