Beautiful ancient style animation family thinking on line

 Beautiful ancient style animation family thinking on line

Starting from the story of the disappearance of Jing Xuans parents, Junsi reveals the secret past of Si Si Island step by step. At the same time, it tells the story of a group of young people striving to transform and break free from shackles for their own life goals. The relationship between Jing Xuan, a descendant of the protoss with cold outside and warm inside, Li Niang, a mortal technical residence with heroic spirit, the mysterious ancient god beast family, and the Xujia and Cheng families on the island is complicated. In addition, each scene in the animation is full of Oriental implication, and the new Chinese style is aesthetic and unconventional. The unique character modeling and carefully carved visual effect also make the film more unique.

At the same time, as an old-fashioned work, thinking about the family carries out a bold exploration of the real world, reflects the struggle and struggle, justice and protection of young people and the arc of their growth in a romantic and aesthetic way, so that the audience can have a glimpse of all kinds of human nature and emotions in the real world through the work.

(Zhao Yuqings manuscript)

In order to restore the new Chinese style scene, the production team also carried out a large number of model repair supervision. For example, the important building of zangdian Pavilion in the book family consideration has 19 art design drafts. In addition, designers also need to restore the building model according to the design drawings, and simulate the light and shadow effects inside and outside the building to make a film for formal production reference.

The efforts and efforts of the production team were rewarded after the animation was launched. The audience expressed that the modeling and human design of animation are in my aesthetic sense, the style of painting is good and has its own characteristics and we are looking forward to updating and so on.