Zheng Kais new film beyond won the top box office of Dragon Boat Festival

 Zheng Kais new film beyond won the top box office of Dragon Boat Festival

Zheng Kai, once a national second-class sprinter, chose sports related themes when making his first film. At the main creation sharing meeting, Zheng Kai said frankly: this is an atypical sports inspirational film. I want to talk about life through sports more.

The film does not use a lot of space to describe the life of athletes, but focuses on the reality of athletes after retirement, I want to tell people who see this work that the battlefield of life is not only to lose and win, but also a lot of scenery and gorgeous fireworks waiting for us to enjoy, the important thing is to run, on the road, dont stop.

Sports movies have the characteristics of burning, winning the championship is excellent, and Li Na is expected

It is undeniable that sports movies have their unique charm and become more popular in recent years. Champion released in September 2020 has won more than 800 million box office at one stroke, and the main creative lineup is very strong. Directed by Chen Kexin and starred by Gong Li, Huang Bo, Wu Gang and other powerful actors, the Chinese National Womens volleyball players appeared in person, lighting up the Chinese womens volleyball dream in the hearts of countless fans.

In addition to the two sports movies mentioned above, there is another one that sports fans are looking forward to. It is a biographical plot film about tennis world champion Li Na. It is adapted from Li Nas autobiography playing alone. It tells the life story of Li Na from her youth, athlete period to her retirement. It is also directed by Chen Kexin and starred in famous actors such as Hu Ge. This film spans Li Nas 30 years from her 6-year-old youth, athletes period to her retirement. There are three actors of Li Na alone, waiting for the moment when she gives up her answer

Fortunately, Zheng Kai had a good attitude towards his first work: its very like students in the college entrance examination have to show us what we have done in the past two years. We stand here and want to create from scratch. As the play goes to today, it turned out that we wanted to create transcendence, but today it has cured me and moved me.

As the chief producer, Wang Zhonglei said: many members of the beyond team have become the main creators of a film for the first time. I hope you can help young filmmakers realize their simple film dream.

Sports stars frequently cross the border to become performing stars, and their retirement road points to the film and television industry

In the movie beyond, the only female star is former National Taekwondo champion Zhang Lanxin, who has become an actress since she collaborated with Jackie Chan on the zodiac in 2012.

Zhang Lanxin talked about her role as a retired female athlete in beyond. she said that this role is like another self in parallel time and spaceu201c From the time of athletes to now, I dont like the so-called words like curl up and lie flat on the Internet. The really powerful people are able to blossom in the dust. I hope you can know where your energy is

Zhang Lanxin is not the only star in the transformation of the entertainment industry. Looking at the present, many high-value athletes have already made achievements in the film and television industry.

Dong Li joined the training of the National Fencing Team in 2015 and made some achievements. Later, he announced his retirement in 2018 and officially entered the entertainment circle. Dong Li gained a lot of fans in the variety show by virtue of his beautiful young face. He not only recorded the variety show frequently, but also released songs and acted in many film and television works.

Liu Xuan was a gymnast of Chinas national team and won many world championships. In 2001, Liu Xuan announced her retirement and starred in the film my beautiful homesickness. After entering the film and television industry, Liu Xuans film and television works include singing in the middle of the night, supporting shaking, seeing me and you, me and my father and so on.

Before becoming a first-line love bean, Wang Jiaer was a Hong Kong fencer and won three Asian Championships in her sports career. In 2011, he went to Korea to become an intern, and in 2013, he came out from Korea as a group. In 2015, Wang Jiaer played in online drama, and has been mainly active in the field of variety show and music since then.

To sum up, it is not only the filmmakers who aim at the sports theme in recent years, but also the sports stars who have already extended their hands to the film and television circle. Its not easy to cross the border. Its even more necessary to create fine works. To be a successful film and television actor, we must redouble our efforts.