Appichaban talking to Jia Zhangke: I love my dog very much, but I love movies more

 Appichaban talking to Jia Zhangke: I love my dog very much, but I love movies more

There is no doubt that hometown has left a very deep impression on the creation of both directors. Abichabang concluded that he and his hometown are a kind of love hate relationship.

When I was a child, there were a lot of my mothers medical textbooks in my home in abichabang. At that time, I didnt find movies, but by looking at the pictures in the textbooks, such as the pictures of cells and microorganisms, I felt that I was an eye opener. I was able to get away from the small town, this hospital, and come to the wider world, Of course, there are huge cinemas in our town, which has a profound impact on my childhood.

On the other hand, hate is because its this hometown that destroys some of my dreams. For example, sometimes I realize that there are all kinds of hardships in my town. This small town is not as beautiful as I imagined.

However, no matter what his feelings are, his hometown has always been a source of inspiration for him. He also found a new perspective: I also hope to see a new generation of people growing up there. What is the difference between their experience growing up there and mine? As I grow older, I will be willing to understand such changes.

The starting point is architecture and art, and the ending point is film

Another common point of the two writers is that they both have cross professional backgrounds. One graduated from architecture, the other from art. Born in a small town, they cant learn and make movies from the beginning, but different learning backgrounds have a great influence on their creation.

Jia Zhangke said frankly at the scene that he was not interested in art at the beginning, because at that time, I couldnt go to university, and I didnt have to take mathematics for art examination. My father was a teacher. He said that you should take the art examination, and you dont need to have a score in mathematics. In this way, I learned art.

But looking back today, Jia Zhangke thinks that there are still two parts of learning art that have a great influence on him

Jia Zhangke thinks that this is actually the same as movies. At the beginning of its invention, film also undertook a lot of work similar to journalism: at that time, for example, our predecessors went to Africa to make movies, and people who had never traveled to Africa would know what Africa was like. For example, when a civil war broke out in Spain and a documentary was made immediately, we know that an event happened. With the emergence of new media, television and the Internet, these functions were gradually replaced by other media, leaving behind the essence of film.

In supporting local young filmmakers, the two directors are sparing no effort to make various attempts.

Abichabang founded Bangkok Experimental Film Festival and kickthe machine company to support local young filmmakers; Jia Zhangke has made some achievements in founding Pingyao Film Festival and Shanxi Film Academy.

As for the message of young filmmakers, abhichaban also gave his own suggestions on the scene: in my opinion, what young filmmakers need to do most is to be able to enjoy life and enjoy the present. You should start from observing your body and the relationship between your body and the world around you, because the body itself is an art. Only after you understand your body, can you enjoy the present, In fact, its very difficult to understand yourself.

Jia Zhangke said at the scene, this years Pingyao Film Festival is still decided to continue to do, because in a short period of time, it is really hard to find a better team to take over. Then we will take it on our own, just like our own children, and grow stronger with it.

At the most serious stage of the epidemic in 2020, Jia Zhangkes open letter still walking to fans all over the world and the reply letter the cinema of now directed by abhichabang have moved countless fans.

One year later, although the two did not like Jia Zhangkes expectation in his letter, I hope we can go back to the cinema as soon as possible and sit side by side, at the scene, abichabang asked Jia Zhangke if he would go to Cannes to see his film memory. Jia Zhangke also quickly asked, do you want to come to Pingyao this year? There was a burst of applause and laughter.

Memory is a film made during the epidemic. Abichabang said that the cooperation with Jia Zhangke was very pleasant, I was deeply moved by the spirit of director Jia, because director Jia was an independent film, and it was very difficult to raise money for independent film. Then it was more difficult for him to help me outside his own film project, but director Jia still met the difficulties. Thank him very much.

When it came to the latest movie memory, abhichabang said that he was very nervous at the beginning, director Jia, I must shoot well here, otherwise its too humiliating, but I feel very happy to cooperate with him. The most important point, maybe its a bit silly to say so, I said it, because director Jia completely remembers his identity as a producer, Its like a great producer. It absolutely gives the director freedom, respects him and doesnt interfere with him. So were very happy to shoot. I thank him very much.

One year later, both Jia Zhangke and abichabang realized the new impact of the epidemic on their life and creation.

Jia Zhangke felt that the epidemic had a great impact on him and changed him. I recently said that I was in a period of reorganization of my mind. I felt that my views on people, things and the world had become a little vague, because I wanted to have a new feeling, but I had not yet captured it. Originally, I wanted to shoot one today, but I stopped. Maybe Ill shoot it again in winter. Ill take a while to figure it out.

For abhicha, on the one hand, the epidemic calmed him down, on the other hand, it brought him new anxiety.

Abichabangs observation is very unique. Im at home alone, staying with my dogs, eating, living and sleeping with them. We already have the same rhythm. Eating and living with them is like a new life experience, a new life class, because I learned to observe the world like a dog, and then I took a lot of pictures with green landscape, and I also learned the dogs thinking and lifestyle, that is, to live in the present. Dogs are always happy. They dont worry about the future.

The most enthusiastic applause of the night broke out in the venue. At that moment, although far away in the overseas state of appicha, all the people in the meeting hall realized a kind of love from the most essential and moving film, which is the power of love.

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