Classic stage play count of Wulong mountain starts in Shenzhen, produced by happy Mahua

 Classic stage play count of Wulong mountain starts in Shenzhen, produced by happy Mahua

It tells the story of a young man with no job, no house and no car. Xie Xie suddenly got a huge legacy and was mistakenly mistaken for a bank robber and wanted by the police. The insider is either dead or his opponent. How to realize his self salvation.

Heritage, wanted and self redemption. Just look at the key words, the whole play is full of conflict and suspense. As Shen Teng Malis famous work, count of Wulong mountain, which has been active on the stage for 20 years, has become a touchstone for outstanding actors.

Xu hechen will play the leading actor Xie Xie. He is a second-class actor and a contract artist and meritorious actor of happy Mahua South China headquarters Co., Ltd. he has performed more than 700 times. From oshette in negotiator, the director of dont be angry with Shakespeare, to Daddy Lai in happy Mahuas annual new play great daddy, Xu hechens performance is the guarantee of good reputation. Xu hechen, who likes to shoot videos and write short stories, is keen to record small inspirations in his life. His original series of videos unfortunate employees has been broadcast on the Internet for 100000 + and has an influence of hundreds of thousands.

The heroine of the play, Marilyn, is played by Li Qi, a Mahua contract artist. Li Qi is the first prize winner of Henan Province skill competition and the 13th grade of Chinese dance. Standing 173cm and weighing only 46kg, she is a standard classic beauty. Lets see how the goddess of temperament and diaosi make a spark.

Count of Wulong mountain is a two-hour play, but it doesnt feel tired at all. According to statistics, there are a lot of Mahua powder brushing Wulong mountain dozens of times, and the audience who watched it 100 times is not a few. Its a classic!