Wang Leehom avoids talking about Li Yundis not remembering the declaration of I am a straight man

 Wang Leehom avoids talking about Li Yundis not remembering the declaration of I am a straight man

Shy Wang Leehom refused to show his chest muscle, and did not know the rumor of sleeping at night tender model

Wang Leehom, 37, is keen on fitness in recent years. He has not only developed into a sexy chest muscle, but also showed it to female fans in his solo concert. In the interview, Wang Leehom was very shy about the word chest muscle. He asked him if he would show his muscles for the film, and then he transferred to the metaphor of concert is like physical training.

Reporter: the preview of your new movie came out a few days ago, wet body and naked back. Its not a big sacrifice for you, because you were not naked in movies before.

Reporter: with such a good figure, will you take part in the diving program?

Wang Leehom: now the domestic program market is very good, but I have other jobs. Its a pity that I cant participate. These programs are highly entertaining.

Reporter: recently there was a news that you stayed at night in a tender model. That tender model is Lin Xiaoyun. Is that the case? Do you know this man?

Half a year ago, the rumor about Wang Leehoms Brokeback affair with Li Yundi caused a stir in the circle, and almost no one knew it. Li Yundis love reached its climax by throwing rose petals at his personal concert. At that time, Wang Leehom finally clarified publicly that I am heterosexual, and Li Yundi also likes girls. What is the situation of Hongdi? They denied that they had basic feelings.

Now, half a year later, Wang stressed that he had never paid attention to these, and that he did not think he was the object of entertainment news reports. What an old-fashioned answer. Of course, his assistants interrupted when they asked can I still contact Li Yundi?.

Reporter: your recent concert news is all about seducing dancers. Can you use this to fight back the rumor of broken back?

Wang Leehom: I dont know why the media said that. I dont mind. Its on the spot. When my concerts are hot, there are close dancing and quiet times.

Reporter: from the beginning of the year to now, a large part of the time is at the top of the storm. Is there any change in mentality?

Reporter: so your heart has always been very calm, no matter how gossip outside?

Wang Leehom: whats the response? Straight personality? Well, yeahuff08 (interrupted by staff)

Reporter: in fact, after the Brokeback scandal, people feel that you are more grounded, which brings you closer to the public. So entertainment is a good thing.