Han Geng celebrates his wife Lu Jingshans birthday

 Han Geng celebrates his wife Lu Jingshans birthday

Previously reported: out of the night beauty storm? Han Geng and Lu Jingshan are on a sweet trip with a bright smile

Earlier, some media photographed Han Geng having dinner with a beautiful woman late at night. On that day, Han Geng was wearing a white coat and a big mask, with his hand around his female friends shoulder. This female friend also held out her hand and hugged Han Gengs waist, triggering speculation of marital change.

Responding to Han Gengs night party beauty? Lu Jingshan: eyes speak

On the morning of March 29, Lu Jingshan wrote on the social platform: emotions can be hidden, but your eyes can speak. Suspected response recently Han Geng was photographed night beauty event.

On February 9, 2018, the day of Han Gengs birthday, Han Geng announced his love on his microblog: Hello, 34 years old, Hello, my girl. Lu Jingshan also responded on Weibo: Hello, my boy.