Hunting crime illustrated book first notice fog theater to explore multiple suspense

 Hunting crime illustrated book first notice fog theater to explore multiple suspense

In the first announcement, Shen Yi (Tan Jianci) appears as a arrogant and special gifted painter. As he says, I can do more than just painting.. And Du Cheng (Jin Shijia) is an agile, thoughtful criminal police captain, shuttling through the various crime scenes, do not let go of any clues. Only believing in the evidence, he questioned Shen Yi from the beginning: can you draw?. As the suspense of the story continues to pile up, the two peoples verbal communication is also increasingly tense, full of gunpowder. People cant help but wonder how these two people, who seem so different, can become detective partners and work together to pursue the truth behind the case.

The new attraction of misty Theater: the wonderful collision between suspense and art

It is reported that the play will be broadcast exclusively in iqiyi fog theater at the end of the year. As a golden platform for the broadcast of suspense drama series in China, mist theater has labeled mist products must be high-quality for crime hunting illustrated book. However, it is worth mentioning that this years film list released by the fog theater focuses more on exploring the diversity of themes, that is, on the basis of deepening the crime suspense, it begins to try various types of innovations such as adventure suspense and science fiction suspense.

The crime of hunting illustrated book explores the extreme expression of urban emotional suspense through the new perspective of simulating the portrait artist. How to combine meticulous criminal investigation techniques with superb painting skills to accurately outline the criminals most secret face? I believe that crime hunting illustrated book will bring you a wonderful collision between investigation and portrait, suspense and art.