Deep water entertainment | this years Magnolia Award can be regarded as a complete victory for the real theme of immortal fight

 Deep water entertainment | this years Magnolia Award can be regarded as a complete victory for the real theme of immortal fight

It is a challenging attempt for He Wei to portray Chen Duxiu as a role of bearing moral responsibility and writing articles skillfully. He even turned down the invitation of the age of awakening. Before the broadcast, he wrote on his micro blog that he had never looked forward to a play of his own, saying that the process of waiting for the release was trembling and full of confidence.

Yu Hewei was not able to come to the scene due to his schedule, but expressed his excitement through video connection: I am very excited at the moment. I am very honored and overjoyed. I would like to thank the Organizing Committee for giving me this award. I would like to thank the people who pioneered our country in the awakening era, Mr. Zhong Fu, and the comrades behind the stage.

In a group interview backstage, director Zhang Yongxin said that it is important to have both form and spirit in the selection of roles in historical dramas. The first thing to pursue is similarity in spirit. Although Yu Hewei and Chen Duxiu are not very similar in appearance, he won the prize, which shows that he has been recognized by the audience.

In the speech, Tong Yao was very surprised and excited, I didnt expect such a good thing to fall on me. In just thirty, Tong Yao creates Gu Jia who is calm, wise, strategic and capable. Tong Yao says, its not easy to shoot just thirty. At the beginning of shooting, it took us a long time to communicate and collide with the director, and then we slowly found the feeling.

Zhang Yongxin said that he was one of the judges in the 25th Magnolia. This time he won the prize, and it was hard to control his excitement. He said, thank you for everyones contribution, and let us have a good result. as one of the lines in our play said, simple and plain will be your attitude of making learning. I will use this attitude, Tell a Chinese story.

During the backstage group interview, Zhang Yongxin said that this time he felt like he was in the college entrance examination.. At the same time, he also expressed the gratitude of the young audience, especially moved, can get the audiences sincere love. When we were making this play, we always thought about the young audience group, including how to use the sub lens. We all considered the young audience group.

For you Yongzhi, this award is particularly meaningful. Im very excited and happy. Shanghai is a special place for me. I spent my youth here. Thank Shanghai Drama Academy for cultivating me. At the same time, thank the noon sunshine team, the director, all the villagers in Jintan village and all the people for their cooperation. Todays Li Dayou is the best. Thank you for this great era, Without this era, director Kong Sheng may not be able to make love between mountains and seas or Li Dayou. Thank you. I will remember today and start again tomorrow.

Best Supporting Actress: Huang Yaos love of mountains and seas

No matter what type of theme, the most important thing is to be interesting and human

The magnolia award has always favored realistic works. In recent years, realistic works have made great progress in both quantity and quality. This year, the 10 works shortlisted for best Chinese TV series are all realistic masterpieces. Finally, the award-winning love of mountains and seas is a realistic masterpiece reflecting the poverty alleviation work. It successfully broke the circle and realized the ingenious grafting and effective integration of national will, mainstream values and artistic spirit.

In an earlier interview with the judges, Liu Jin, chairman and director of the current jury, said that good realistic film and television works should be balanced in terms of artistry, ideology and modernity. This years works are very good-looking, and the jury also adheres to the standards and agrees. Everyones perception of good works should be the same, and there wont be big differences.

Zhang Lei, one of the judges and screenwriter of this years competition, said in an exclusive interview that the most touching of her works this year is the love between children and girls in the big era. It includes not only the love between men and women, but also the love between family members. Its hard for you to feel that kind of restrained emotion in todays peaceful environment or modern life. When you look at it, you will feel simple, pure and noble, After watching it, I feel purified.

For example, in the age of awakening, what the audience likes to talk about most is that the image of the great man in the book is alive, and the characters are portrayed carefully and vividly. The audience takes the initiative to discover the perfect restoration of various historical scenes in the play, and tears for the emotions and ties between the characters.

In love of mountains and seas, the painful love process between Shuihua and Defu affects the hearts of countless audiences. What is most praised by the audience is the water flower shaped by reyza, which not only has the traditional Chinese womens hard-working and tenacious spirit, but also shows the modern side of womens pursuit of economic and spiritual independence and no longer dependent on men in the new era. Tonight, reeza failed to win the best actress trophy, which made many audiences call it hard to calm down.

This year is also the year of the main melody works, but the judge Fu Dongyu believes that this phenomenon can not be simply attributed to the special historical node of the centenary of the founding of the Communist Party. The most fundamental reason is that these works are very attentive in creation and show high qualityu201c Is it that we have conceptualized the theme and put it on the ceiling in a number of years. As far as Im concerned, a work that expresses the common wishes, ideals and feelings of this nation and people is the main melody. A work that has a deep understanding of history and a careful expression of the details of life naturally has empathy and appeal to the audience.

Guan Ling, Dean and professor of the school of drama, film and television of Communication University of China and one of the judges of this year, said that this years major dramas all started to pursue dramas under the Amway of the students. Guan Ling believes that in the past, there were some narrow understandings of main melody , but in fact, the works that can present the beauty of life and represent the direction of the times are main melody works.

Complete list of awards:

Best Chinese TV series: love of mountains and seas

Best director: Zhang Yongxins the age of awakening

Best screenwriter (adaptation): Ma Xiaoyongs Zhuangtai

Best supporting actor: you Yongzhis love of mountains and seas

Best art: the golden years by Di Kun

Best overseas play (short): Survey (Denmark)

Best overseas drama (long): our day season 5 (USA)

Best TV variety show: China in Classics

Best documentary: I was there (Israel)

Magnolia Awards: together, across the Yalu River

International communication award of Shanghai TV Festival: together, just 30