Go to work! Yi Nengjings anti PUA comments

 Go to work! Yi Nengjings anti PUA comments

Weimen Zhiwei group is in danger, while QiongYou group on the other side is in trouble frequently due to team division and communication problems. In the last issue, Zhou Yingxins frequent and incisive interruptions and questioning communication with Wang Runqiu triggered a heated discussion on the way of workplace communication by the observation group. In this issue, the war situation has escalated, and Zhou Yingxins saying Im for you anyway in the communication process is very similar to the experienced bosss workplace PUA to the newcomers and subordinates. Reyza and Zhang Meng gave examples in person. In the process of filming, they also received similar guidance from the drama bully predecessors. One was straightforward and the other was skillfully evasive. They also gave the workplace newcomers a anti PUA experience to share. Yi Nengjing, on the other hand, puts forward a developmental point of view to encourage working mothers to attach importance to self-development. Just like Wang Runqiu, she is willing to speak out and stick to her own point of view from being afraid to express and crying in silence at the beginning, so as to make herself stronger and stronger.

Yi Nengjing and Zhang Meng perform the villains face to draw lessons from others and promote the lightning self-test of the whole audience

Interpersonal problems in the workplace also remind the observation group of a derivative direction with great degree of discussion - which kind of colleagues do you hate most in the workplace? Guests put forward their villains face one after another. Zhang Meng said that she was most reluctant to get along with people who dont tell the truth, shirk responsibility after an accident and dont want to work hard for the collective goal; Naiwanze refused to be a hypocritical, hypocritical person who interacts with others with purpose; Yi Nengjing gives a vivid example from the perspective of working mothers: some colleagues face-to-face express that they understand that working mothers need to take care of their children after work and are willing to take the initiative to share their overtime work, but turn around and complain to the boss that shes back home with her children again, which is disgusting. I believe that this example is also the situation faced by many mothers after they return to the workplace. Its empathic and thought-provoking.

The above workplace villains face is not only an open discussion topic, but also can be used for daily workplace self diagnosis. If you find that people around you or you have such a tendency to think about problems, whether it is a kind reminder or timely self correction, it can bring more understanding and less misunderstanding to workplace cooperation.