Netease cover story beyond viewing: run, dont stop!

 Netease cover story beyond viewing: run, dont stop!

As soon as the movie is over, the host comes on and invites the main creators. Producers Ding Jing, CEO of cheetah culture media Co., Ltd., director Han Bowen, producer and leading actor Zheng Kai, leading actor Li Yunrui, Zhang Lanxin and Cao Bingkun were all present. Several creators have introduced themselves to you one after another, which is interesting and full of characteristics. Producer Ding Jing guest starred in a unscrupulous businessman in the film, and the director also personally played the role of express salesman and sports commentator. Zheng Kai said with a smile that he played two roles for one person: I played Hao Chaoyue in the play. I was the thin Hao Chaoyue and the fat Hao Chaoyue. Young actor Li Yunrui also learned Zheng Kais sentence pattern: what I play in the film is sunny Wu Tianyi and depressed Wu Tianyi. Zhang Lanxin said with a smile: I play Xiaofang in the movie, and I am myself. Finally, Cao Bingkun, who introduced himself, issued a soul question: have you all introduced yourself like this now? Hello, everyone. Im Cao Bingkun. Ive been playing the most handsome, handsome, promising young master Zhang Benz in the play. The audience burst into laughter and the atmosphere began to warm up.

The host first invited director Han Bowen to talk about the reasons for choosing the role. Director Han joked: theres something special in it. First of all, before choosing the role, I was the chosen director. Im the contract director of cheetah culture, and Zheng Kai around me is the boss of cheetah culture. In the audition, we read a lot of information about the actors according to their roles. Wu Tianyis role is our most enthusiastic and longest working time. Basically, Li Yunrui was selected from nearly 100 actors. Other characters like Miss Zhang Lanxin, in fact, when we did some research in the early stage, she provided us with a lot of very precious materials, such as the problems that a sports school student will encounter in the sports school, the stories of professional athletes and retired athletes, and so on. So at that time, we also reciprocated and created the role of Xie Xiaofang for teacher Zhang Lanxin. Then it goes without saying that master brother Zhang Benchi, since we have scripts and characters, the first image in our mind is teacher Cao Bingkun. At that time, when I called him to come, he complained that we would give him another half a year. At least we could practice. I said, dont practice. What we want is your stomach.

Next, the stars shared their understanding of the film and the story between themselves and the characters. Zheng Kai said: because I have sports experience, I used to have amateur sprint training. This time I chose this theme when I was writing beyond . I think its an atypical sports inspirational film. We want to talk about life through sports. I believe you will understand our thoughts. There are losses and wins in sports field, but the battlefield of life is not only to lose and win. There are a lot of scenery, gorgeous fireworks waiting for us to enjoy. The important thing is run, dont stop. just stay on the road

Li Yunrui said that he also had the experience of athletes: so I really feel this spirit and their ideas of sports people. When I get this role, I have a sense of mission. I want to perform well as an athlete. I want to show them the attitude of not admitting defeat and competing with myself. This is what I want to express and I think the most important part.

Zhang Lanxin, who was once a taekwondo athlete, thinks that the role of Xiaofang is very similar to myself in the parallel universe: because I practiced for 13 years before, and then I was very lucky to win the national championship. After retirement, I also experienced some small setbacks, and even had some difficulties in employment. But at that time, I kept telling myself to stick to the original ideal and make my life more colorful, so I survived all the time. Like our movie, its actually a very energetic movie. Now there are many words on the Internet that I dont really like, such as neijuan, lie flat and so on. I dont think its good to know the hardships of life. Its the ability to blossom in the dust, so I hope you can find your own energy through this film.

Next came the interactive session. An audience liked Zheng Kais performance very much. They asked him what he thought of the sentence beyond physiology, beyond time in the movie. What else can we surpass? Zheng Kai uses the spirit of the film to answer: its very simple, because whether its athletes, or our actors, or ordinary people, I think life has a starting and ending arc. Everyone may be on the way to the peak, some may have reached the peak, and some may have passed the peak. In the end, what the movie wants to convey to you is that each of us cant guarantee to win all the time. The only thing we can do is not afraid to lose. So I believe this is the answer to your question. We cant surpass our bodies, we cant surpass our age, and we cant surpass our glory. But after all, glory and peak are only temporary. Only ideals and beliefs will continue.

On this day of college entrance examination, such an inspirational film is also very suitable. Zheng Kai, the first film producer, also admitted that he was nervous, just like handing in the college entrance examination paper. In the film, Hao Chaoyue, played by Zheng Kai, has changed from a muscular young athlete to a big bellied greasy uncle. In order to show this gap more truly, Zheng Kai has gained 40 kg in two months, which has a great visual impact. The audience asked whether there would be many difficulties in shooting such a time-lapse and figure changing play. The director said that when shooting, in fact, the whole group of staff were concerned about Zheng Kais physical condition: originally, when we were making a shooting plan, we had to shoot a thin version of Hao Chaoyue first, and then stop for a month to let Zheng Kai eat fat, but the group was well prepared, Also made a fake silicone belly. Then we had an epidemic, and we stopped for nearly two months. At that time, we always encouraged Zheng Kai to eat fat. The whole drama group was concerned about his diet and asked him what he was doing every day. Sometimes Zheng Kai said that he was walking the dog, so we said that we should not walk the dog any more. Its too much meat and we should go back and lie down. At that time, we all talked with each other and looked at his face forever, but Mr. Zheng Kais face was so delicate even though he was fat, so I was very worried at that time.

Because of the time constraint, the host asked the producer about the most impressive part of the whole film. Ding Jing said that it was the big stall scene: that scene was filmed several nights, and everyone expressed some personal feelings there. I think many people may have some such experiences in their lives, and you may have pursued what they once wanted, And then it disappeared. Then there are also some people who fall down in the process, but in the end, whether you are willing or not, life will continue. So the future depends on yourself.