Wang Xiaofeis remarks aroused heated debate among netizens on the platform, questioning that big Ss divorce is saving her husband

 Wang Xiaofeis remarks aroused heated debate among netizens on the platform, questioning that big Ss divorce is saving her husband

However, some netizens in Taiwan questioned that big Ss intention to divorce Wang Xiaofei may actually be saving her husband, because Wang Xiaofeis excited post on the microblog can easily stir up the feelings of fighting between netizens on both sides of the Taiwan Straits. Throwing out the shocking news of divorce can divert some attention, and there are still some opportunities to save their marriage.

On the 5th of this month, big s left behind the shock bomb of divorce with her husband Wang Xiaofei, while Wang Xiaofei, who lives in the mainland, said that she did not know about it and was divorced unilaterally, which caused a great uproar. A few days ago, some media photographed Wang Xiaofei appearing in a bar after his marriage. He walked out of the bar and chatted with friends. I dont know what he was talking about. He laughed a lot and then left with a man and a woman. This is his first appearance since his marriage.

However, Wang Xiaofeis private mood is not so good. He posted leave before you love me on his microblog at 1 a.m. this morning, and his mood seems to be a little low.

Some netizens read lyrics have I dont want to leave you like this, expressing my brother Feis miss for big s; Some netizens were confused and asked him to make it clear directly, while others worried that the couple didnt get along with each other. They left messages to encourage are you OK, brother?, go and coax s back quickly? no, I havent coaxed you well. sincerely hope your family is happy..

Wang Xiaofei Po English song leave before you love me (before you love me), mood seems to be a bit depressed, big s did not answer the phone, did not return the reporters text message. S mother said: Xiyuan ignored him. He couldnt see his wife and children, so he would feel sad. I told him to bear it first. Xiaofei had been vaccinated. When Xiyuan and children were vaccinated, it would be OK. Xiyuan is in a better mood now, and she will forgive Xiaofei. The two of them have a deep hatred, just because of the epidemic and vaccine..

As for the speculation that big s and her mother-in-law Zhang Lan do not agree, everyones views are different. I dont comment. Xiyuan and sister LAN often dont meet. How can they disagree? When their mother-in-law and daughter-in-law dont meet each other, they will miss each other, but get along well with each other. Sister LAN loves her very much, and she is also very kind to her. Before sister Lan was sick, she would tell her to take medicine, take care of her health and pay attention to her health.

On June 5, Taiwan media reported that big s and Wang Xiaofei were going through divorce procedures, and said she would not comment on Wang Xiaofeis words and deeds. It is reported that Wang Xiaofei was still working in the morning of the 5th.

After that, Wang Xiaofei once again issued a letter to express her love for her wife: love all her family, my wife is the first!

This afternoon, Wang Xiaofei exposed a group of photos of the opening of a new store. It seems that her career is not affected by the rumors of marriage.