Foreign media revealed that Kan ye and Ronaldos ex girlfriend were in love with each other on their mans birthday

 Foreign media revealed that Kan ye and Ronaldos ex girlfriend were in love with each other on their mans birthday

American weekly exposed part of Kings plan, which is mainly related to the division of property. The sum of the twos property is about 4.1 billion US dollars (about 26.6 billion RMB). It is reported that Jin will not release more details of the divorce for the time being, because this is the main plot of the 20th and final season of walking with the Kardashian sisters to be broadcast in the second half of this year, and the relevant personnel involved in the shooting have also signed a confidentiality agreement.

As for the property, Jin asked her financial advisers to formulate it. Her biggest appeal is to equally distribute their common property. According to the report, the current assets of Xijin are about 900 million US dollars (about 5.8 billion RMB), while Kanyes are about 3.2 billion US dollars (about 20.7 billion RMB). These assets include their mansion in hidden mountain, California, at least 60 million US dollars (about 390 million RMB), Wyoming ranch, a pile of luxury cars, and golds jewelry collection and cash reserve. Kan Yes wealth mainly comes from his rap career and coconut series. Among them, coconut shoes jointly launched by him and Adidas is Kan Yes biggest source of income. Kims income mainly comes from her body sculpting dress brand, beauty and perfume. Although she is famous for reality TV shows, her participation in the program has occupied a small part of her total income, and this is one reason why she is preparing to stop filming with Kardashian sisters. According to foreign media reports, Kanye and Kardashian are no longer in touch and are living separately. Kan also removed some items from his home in California, including 500 pairs of shoes.

According to reports, Kim tried to help Kanye recover his mental health, but he was fed up with his crazy talk and the whole life of Kardashians family made Kanye more and more uncomfortable, so he wanted to divorce. The source also said that although Kim has done a lot in the past to protect and help Kanye deal with his mental health problems, now the divorce is because Kim has grown up a lot. Kanye West is fed up with talking about running for president and other crazy swearing

At the same time, another source said Kanye West was becoming more and more uncomfortable and angry with the Kardashian sisters exaggerated reality show life. He completely gave up the whole family... He didnt want to have any relationship with them. he finally found their reality show unbearable..