43 year old Chen Jianfeng drowned while teaching diving agent: no comment

 43 year old Chen Jianfeng drowned while teaching diving agent: no comment

It is reported that in 1999, Chen Jianfeng became a DJ of Metro Radio because he participated in the all-round DJ recruitment. He was discovered by ivy, the agent, and signed a contract with TVB as an artist, thus launching TVBs performing career. In 2003, Zhuo Weiming, a lawyer who played in the new king of law, received much attention in Hong Kong. In August 2010, after the contract with TVB expired, it did not renew and moved to the mainland of China.

Previously reported

Chen Jianfengs withdrawal from the entertainment industry is suspected to be due to a lack of blood vessels in his brain

Netease Entertainment reported on November 16 that when Chen Jianfeng had a physical examination in Thailand the year before last, he found that there was a natural lack of a major blood vessel in his brain. After returning to Hong Kong for medical treatment, he was confirmed to be a genetic disease. Chen Jianfeng was hit hard at that time. He lost his way in hesitation. After being encouraged by his family, he rejuvenated and enrolled in the four-year Bachelor of distance theology course. Earlier, it was reported that Chen Jianfeng had the idea of retiring. After finishing his bachelors degree, he planned to continue his masters degree and quit the entertainment industry to preach.

Wang Xianzhi recently met Chen Jianfeng, Han Junting and Liu Xiaotong to talk about the past. In an interview with the media, Wang Xianzhi said that he only knew that Chen Jianfeng had an operation due to knee injury earlier and was taking a distance theology course. He said: we cant eat too late that night, because Chen Jianfeng has to hand in his homework the next day, so he should rest for reading. I didnt ask him too clearly what he would do in the future, and his health was ok, which should not be as serious as the report said. He didnt decide anything. I think he wanted to concentrate on completing the degree course in the past two years, and he didnt mention whether to quit. I dont think so. He is so young, much younger than me!

In 2010, Chen Jianfeng and Lin Xinru collaborated on the costume drama beautys mind, which broke the record with a high audience rating of 9.69 after broadcast. Chen Jianfeng won the best actor award in China and the most popular Hong Kong actor award in Vietnam at the Seoul TV Drama Award with Liu Heng; In the same year, he also successively played the leading roles in urban emotional drama golden age of women and myth costume TV drama God of wealth, playing Li Hao and Chai Youdao, respectively.

Chen Jianfeng likes diving and certification in his daily life. He has dozens of skill level certificates such as canoe, Red Cross, deaf sign language, child care, diving instructor certificate, etc.