Gao Yunxiang said he was in a good mood to prepare for the driving test

 Gao Yunxiang said he was in a good mood to prepare for the driving test

In the photo, Gao Yunxiang, with a shaved head, sunglasses and a smiling face, seems to have stepped out of the Australian sexual assault. He holds his daughters dimple and helps her hold the microphone. His fathers love is full.

It is reported that in 2018, Gao Yunxiang was arrested on suspicion of violating Chinese women in Australia; Gao Yunxiang and Dong Xuan officially divorced in 2019; In March last year, Gao Yunxiang was acquitted and returned home.

Previously reported

On April 21, 2021, the case of Tang De v. Gao Yunxiang was heard in the first intermediate peoples Court of Beijing. Gao Yunxiang and his lawyer appeared in the court together.

The lawyers side also submitted a legal opinion from Mr. Murugan, a lawyer entrusted by Mr. Gao Yunxiang in Australia, saying that after investigation and trial, the jury gave a verdict of not guilty and proved that all the charges were not trueu201c In the statement, the lawyer, who is not listed by SARFT as an prohibited and cautious artist, stressed: SARFT has not listed Gao Yunxiang as a prohibited and cautious performer, and Gao Yunxiangs plays, films and variety shows can still be shown on major platforms. No official or authoritative film and Television Department has made a decision to suspend the broadcasting of Gao Yunxiangs plays The decisive and conclusive opinions of sales and communication did not make the decision not to approve the film because of the starring Gao Yunxiang.

The lawyer also mentioned: the plaintiff claimed that a number of TV drama broadcasting platforms refused to purchase TV dramas involved in the case, but there was no certificate issued by any TV station, no radio and Television Organization issued a notice that Anaya love could not be broadcast, and the existing evidence could not prove that the reason why Anaya love could not be broadcast was caused by Gao Yunxiang.