Zhou Yangqing and mysterious man in the rain

 Zhou Yangqing and mysterious man in the rain

According to the photos taken, the man dressed up cool and drove a million luxury car to pick up Zhou Yangqing and his friends on the same day. In the process, the man actively helped to hold the umbrella, open the car door, go to the movies and buy snacks thoughtfully; The three left late at night after watching the movie.

According to Taiwan media reports, on April 23, 2020, Zhou Yangqing issued a devastating breaking up letter to break up with Luo Zhixiang, exposing the mans cheating on multiplayer movement and improper relationship between men and women with his female artist Kaile, which caused a sensation. Now its one year since the incident. Compared with Zhou Yangqing, who has a big career, Piggys acting career has not improved. It is speculated that his annual expenditure will be at least 10 million yuan (about 2.3 million yuan), and his sporadic income will not match his expenditure. Now he can only rely on his old capital.

Piggy, who strives to make a comeback, has been working hard on his personal channel on the video platform, and has recently made more efforts to restore his performing image. However, the results seem to be not as good as expected. The click rate has fallen like an avalanche. Up to now, more than 1.16 million views have been accumulated in more than one month. It is roughly estimated that he can only get around NT $30000 (about RMB 7000), which is probably far lower than the shooting cost, Compared with the past hundred million video salary, there is a great contrast.

Compared with his sporadic income, Luo Zhixiangs fixed expenses are quite considerable. The rent and personnel costs of the companys creative entertainment and chaopai shops in the Eastern District alone will cost nearly 10 million yuan a year. With the high management fees and daily living expenses of his four houses, he will spend at least 10 million yuan a year (about 2.3 million yuan), and can only live on his old capital.

After farewell to Luo Zhixiang, Zhou Yangqing, who has a background of 10 billion yuan, devoted himself to his work and made a big fortune. He not only cooperated with his friends to open a company, but also made a lot of money from his online clothing brand. A while ago, he appeared on the reality show trend partner to expand his popularity again. With his forthright personality and outstanding sense of fashion, Get a positive impression and evaluation from the audience.