He ChaoLian wears swimsuits to show off her figure

 He ChaoLian wears swimsuits to show off her figure

Recently, its said that a rich family daughter has a new boyfriend, but is still showing love with her ex boyfriend. Some netizens speculate that its he ChaoLian. On June 8, fans left a message for he ChaoLian, asking if she really broke up with Dou Xiao. He ChaoLian said it was fake and responded: ignore them..

It is reported that in April 2019, the media revealed that Dou Xiao was taking a woman to dinner with her friends. During this period, the two not only talked and laughed, but also returned to the hotel together after the dinner, kissing in the elevator, and the suspected relationship was exposed. Later, some netizens revealed that the mysterious woman was he ChaoLian, the king of gambling. The two had embraced each other generously at a brand event in March. On the afternoon of April 28, Dou Xiao and he ChaoLian announced their love affairs on their microblogs and used the same copy: ha ha ~ hibabe dog food dog food. Fans have sent their best wishes to their idols: ah, ah, ah, open!u201c Mother, sweet, blessing

Not long ago, in a variety show, Dou Xiao and he ChaoLian started a fancy show of love. Princess Dou Xiao carried he ChaoLian across the plank road. The picture is both thrilling and romantic.

When they arrive at the end of the plank road, Dou Xiao and he ChaoLian take a group photo in the sky. Next to them, Wu Qilong, Zeng Shunxi and he Changxi take the initiative to ask for dog food and shout kiss.... Dou Xiao and he ChaoLian are not at all coquettish, and they kiss each other very cooperatively.