My world vampire mod play tutorial summary vampire upgrade strategy

 My world vampire mod play tutorial summary vampire upgrade strategy

3. Hunger and blood drinking

After you mutate, dont think you dont have hunger. Hunger still exists. Its just hidden, and hunger can still affect life recovery. So youd better plant some bread and eat it when life and blood are running out. It can trigger the effect of natural recovery of life. Its effective by personal test

4. The key point of the tutorial is how to completely eliminate disgusting things (biting pig buttocks and villagers, etc.). Here you mentioned the tent you cleaned before. First, put yourself in the air tens of meters above the ground, then make a small platform to put a tent (note that there should be no foothold beside the tent), and then dig out the square pillars you put yourself in, and you will have a floating tent, Then the ground directly below the tent will brush demon hunters, but they will collide like headless flies, and they will forget how to attack (that is, if you beat them, they will not fight back, if they still fight back, they will raise the tent in the air a few more spaces). Finally, start to abuse them, brush the hunters heart to eat (it is best to use it with the decomposition table mod, one heart is decomposed into six weak hearts to eat), Then you dont have to suck blood, and you dont have to carry a lot of blood bottles out

5. Dont kill a villager who becomes a vampire villager. Vampire villager can be traded as long as you have emeralds

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