Epics ice age this week

 Epics ice age this week

Ice age is the latest social survival game launched by the developer of this is my war. Heating is the key to survival, and all your decisions come at a price. In the world covered with ice and snow, human beings have developed heating technology driven by steam to resist the severe cold. Your task is to build the last city on earth and to obtain the necessary resources for the survival of the city.

Cities have to survive

Make laws that bring order to society. It determines peoples work schedule, medical treatment, food and other important life contents. And maintain their expectations and satisfaction. Maintaining the moral order of the city is as important as ensuring the food and clothing safety of the people.

At a critical moment, you have to decide the future of the people without hesitation. Will you rule with an iron hand or with compassion and faith? Its up to you to take an extreme or gentle approach, but once you make a choice, you cant go back.

Some choices seem trivial, such as how to deal with a dissatisfied citizen and whether to meet the requirements of the new faction. However, all your choices can lead to unexpected results. People trust you, but they dont give. As a leader, you have a heavy responsibility.

Developing new technology

In order to survive, we must develop. While dealing with current events, you have to look to the future, invest and develop technology. Its not easy to build fully automated robots, airships and other high-tech infrastructure, but its not impossible. It all depends on your management and leadership.

In addition to your home town, New London, its also important to explore the unknown outside the city. Although there are risks in the investigation, it will bring you useful information and valuable materials to help you increase the population of the city. There may be other survivors in the frost land whose fate is entirely in your hands.

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