Zhang Hanyu, Jiang Wu, Lu Jingshan

 Zhang Hanyu, Jiang Wu, Lu Jingshan

The classic series of ghost blow lamp continues, and Wanda films new gold touch masterpiece returns

The magic of heaven and stars tells a fantastic story about Hu Bayi (Zhang Hanyu), Wang Kaixuan (Jiang Wu) and Shirley Yang (Lu Jingshan) in the 1990s. Because of their unexpected crisis, they have to embark on a dangerous Underground Journey to save themselves.

Since the box office success of dragon Seeking Formula in 2015, Wanda film, together with Shengshi mutual entertainment, has once again put the classic IP of ghost blowing the lamp on the screen, aiming to make this national IP shine again. It is reported that after years of polishing, Wanda film has been working hard from script story, lineup, art scene and other aspects, aiming to create a mysterious underground world and exciting adventure story.

It is understood that in order to create an epic underground exploration world and a more intense and mysterious plot, the double director system has been adopted in the movie, and famous creative teams at home and abroad have been invited to join in. The film is co directed by Simon West, a Hollywood director who has directed such films as air prison, Tomb Raider, mechanic and expendables 2, and Li Yilin, a Chinese director. Zhang Wang, a famous Chinese producer (representative works: sunny days, the Great Wall, evil does not oppress the right), Li yaoradial, an art director (representative works: Thirteen hairpins in Jinling), Arthur mirzoyan, an art director (representative works: travels to China) and other well-known film practitioners at home and abroad were invited to escort the film.

This time, the first concept poster was also released in the movie ghost blowing the lamp. When the stars shine, the real dragon returns. Its gas is cohesive and its shape is potential. Among the strange terrain and wonders, it is also the place where the Tibetan dragon gathers Qi. A close look at the miraculous mountains and rivers, there are many mysterious mechanisms and caves. The composition of the skeleton mountain caused by the visual dislocation also continues the temperament of the series of ghost blowing the lamp. As another gold touch masterpiece after the secret of finding the dragon, people are looking forward to it.