Vg3-1 won the csgo PWL S1 champion!

 Vg3-1 won the csgo PWL S1 champion!

[pwls1 final situation

The first picture came to the death amusement park chosen by VG. In the first half, the two sides played hard. In the second half, with the continuous play of Kaze and jam young, VG took the next city 16:12.

VG won the PAL autumn Championship last year, and now has won the pwls1 spring championship. VG, who has been the champion of RMR Asia for two consecutive times, has reached the summit of Asia with tactical coordination.

The distribution of pwls1 points and bonus is as follows:

At present, the total score table of RMR in Asia is as follows:

After 20 days of fierce competition, the eight top teams in Asia have played one wonderful game after another for the majority of CS: go players. A new generation of young players are born, and the competition is full of fierce players. The Asian team shows many new tactics and systems in pwls1. After the PAL summer, pal autumn and pwls1 spring, the Asian teams tactics, shooting skills and thinking have been improved to a certain extent. Step by step, come on, Asia csgo!