At the age of 20, Xiao Jingteng, who is famous in the first World War, has a palpitation

 At the age of 20, Xiao Jingteng, who is famous in the first World War, has a palpitation

Youth is beautiful because of its simplicity. Ideal love is mutual respect

The ordinary guests of the show are all young people about 20 years old. If we want to talk about the characteristics of these young people, we can sum up them with Xiao Jingtengs words, that is the beauty is too high! Each guest has its own characteristics, which makes the guests sitting in the studio enjoying themselves as if they are watching an idol dramau201c Its too beautiful. You must go to see it. You wont regret it! Xiao Jingteng said with a smile. In the program, he likes an inch boy, which makes him feel like a brother. Girls he will be more inclined to teeth, because she is a get along with no pressure girl: I like the feeling of no pressure.

Watching the graduates love this time also reminds Xiao Jingteng of the moment when he was pounding in his school days. He laughs that he has been pounding since primary school and will always stare at the girl he likes, although the girl finally chooses someone elseu201c I know she likes boys who are good at learning. Maybe I was bad at that time, but she didnt know I was very independent. Xiao Jingteng raised a smile on the corner of his mouth and said, maybe she has a bad eye. Ha ha. Talking about the concept of love, he said: I think good love is mutual respect, mutual understanding and tolerance, which is enough.

The program not only records the love story of the graduates, but also shows their friendship and growth all the way. Recalling the friendship in his student days, Xiao Jingteng said: friendship in his student days does not mean eternal friendship. At that time, you cared about friendship very much, especially the younger you were, the more you cared about the friendship at that time. Thats why there was a rebellious period. You didnt listen to your parents, listen to your classmates, do whatever they said, and follow them wherever they went. At that time, friendship was the biggest, but not necessarily for a lifetime. He thinks that there are only a few friends in his life, and there are not many people who can accompany you for a long time. Listen to what you say from your heart, so you should treasure it when you meet them.

Music is not good or bad, only whether you like it or not

When it comes to Xiao Jingteng, you must be familiar with it. A song Princess is popular all over the country. In 2009, at the age of 22, he held a solo concert in Taiwans little giant egg. In the 13 years since his debut, Xiao jingtengguang has won dozens of awards, such as KKBOX, Hito, global Chinese list, Golden Melody Award and so on. But for these awards, he said that he was very indifferent. On the contrary, he was very happy when he won the best new actor award of the 31st Hong Kong Film Awards in 2012u201c In the field of music, I know where I am. I dont need anyone to measure and judge me. So many times in my heart, I think I have already achieved some achievements. I dont need other people to tell me, so I really dont look forward to it. I think its enough to do myself well. He is usually happy with some special awards. For example, before his debut, he won the Taipei municipal governments Award for benevolent person for two consecutive years. At that time, Xiao Jingteng was still under age. As a child, he was not a good child, so this contrast is a very sufficient thing for him: I think this is a moment that can turn my life around. In fact, its not an encouragement on my music, because Im very good at these things. Ive known about them for a long time

Although Xiao Jingtengs songs have spread to all parts of the country, especially a song Princess has been released for nearly ten years. It has been constantly covered in various music and talent shows, and even adapted by foreigners. It is also a BGM commonly used by creators on major short video platforms. Xiao Jingteng is not only a popular singer, but also often appears in many programs. He once served as the tutor of music programs. Last year, he joined the music competition program as the first singer and finally won the third place. But he never thought he was very popular: I dont think Im very popular. I think the sense of achievement lies in what I recognize and like, and when Im recognized at the same time, thats the real achievement. If a persons achievement is very high, but he doesnt like it, it doesnt hold water. So I still hope that my works or things I want to express will be recognized at the same time. At the same time, for some external evaluation, he also said that this is something that can not be forced: I will stick to my own persistence, what I want to pass on, but whether others can accept it or not, this is fate, it is a matter of letting nature take its course.

As the king of Golden Melody, Xiao Jingteng thinks that it is very important for a singer to keep his uniqueness. He should not create like other people just because of the trend of the market. He should make his own style. In his mind, there is no good or bad music: music is not good or bad, there can be no good or bad. Even if he plays the wrong sound, it is not good or bad, just whether you like it or not at the moment, you can only use your own subjective ideas and aesthetics to measure whether you like a work or not. Like a painting, you can say its not beautiful, but you cant say its good or bad, because your idea doesnt represent everyones idea.

Finally, talking about the significance of music to Xiao Jingteng, he frankly said that music is what makes him happy. Before the age of 15, Xiao Jingteng can say that almost all the words that can represent bad children can be used in him. There were four brothers and sisters in the family, all supported by his father, but he was still young and would make some mistakes. Then one day, he happened to see an old man playing drums on the stage downstairs, and he was touched by the strong rhythm. At that time, he felt that it was a happy thing to be able to collide with music, it was a magical thing, and it was also a kind of fate to be able to stay for music. After he found his love in this life, he began to walk on the no return road of music. When he had no money at home, he went to self-study and worked hard to make money. In 2007, at the age of 20, he became famous in the first World War of super avenue of stars as a kicker. After that, he began his busy life as a king of songs.

Many people listen to music and love music, but they may not be able to understand music or even create music. Its great to sound with music, so music is my life. This is the way of Xiao Jingteng.

At the age of 20, there are young people and Xiao Jingteng, the king of Golden Melody who became famous in the first World War.

Cover story: Wu Tong