Do you believe that there are many fansuff08 (2)

 Do you believe that there are many fansuff08 (2)

Namu is really going to vomit blood. Where does this nameless name come from? How can we fight for the good?

[friend] Namu: who is nameless?

Liuniandisadvantageous ah liuniandisadvantageous, because a sister caused the murder... South Mu deep breathing several times to the chest of irritability down. No matter how many districts are changed, there is no way to stay away from these feelings. A game has to do these things to be regarded as happy enmity and wanton in the world? Its boring. M played every night and asked him to kick her out. Theres no need to involve the gang. Night Sheng song is enough loyalty, life and death refused, non said period of time to see if it can be solved in private, let the South Mu no need to go. Namu is grateful to him and thinks its better to settle it in private.

The problem lies in Anjiao. If she gets married, she will not be nameless any more. After all, as long as she has a family, she will never stick to herself again. This is the problem of Anjiaos self-esteem. I bought a cross service loudspeaker from the mall. Its time to recruit a tenant.

As soon as the trumpet came out, there were many girls immediately. Namu said that he had more time to rub. Most of them were cute. At first glance, he knew that they were lively girls. All of them were rejected by Namu.

Reasonable, lively and talkative girls are more likely to be emotional, because they are full of emotion, full of blood and courage. Namu respects their feelings, because the game is false, but the feelings are not false, but Namu doesnt want to involve them too much, their life is too wonderful, Namu cant follow. South Mu chose a 89 shoot Niang after all, the name is at first warm still cold. Her private chat with nanmufa was very simple.

[stranger] how warm or cold: do you often rub with time?

Nobility and coldness, less words is the key.

Good friend: good.

[good friend] Namu: now brush friendly till evening. If Im not friendly enough, can I brush flowers?

Good friend: Yes.

[friend] Namu: follow.

Its not that nanmu is a local tyrant or something. Even a friendly stranger can get 100W. In fact, nanmu is deliberately, deliberately group, deliberately said to 100W, deliberately want to let Anjiao see that she is about to get married, and cant wait to spend a lot of money to ask someone to brush friendly. Namu knows that she will make Anjiao very sad, but she just wants to make Anjiao die.

What is more ironic than love but not love is to love the wrong person in the wrong way from the beginning.

Nanmu looks down at the keyboard, the key position is neat and orderly, just like her life, not out of the ordinary. Its her selfishness to play Renyao and live a stable life without telling everyone, because her selfishness hurts a simple girl. Nanmu is not guilty, but she is selfish after all. Angelos liking is not enough for her to break the hard won life by herself. She can only refuse Angelo by attending the meeting, and also refuse to let Angelo know the truth.

South Mu back to God, looked up at the screen, friends message prompt sound really kept ringing. One by one:

[good friend] every night Shengge: hahaha, I said no to the management of the imperial court. Im still a girl with a good attitude. Im sorry.

[friend] Nightsong: I dont know if I can dig it up as a reception.

Nan Mu: try it.

Turn off the window of every nights singing. After that, he doesnt have to go back to what he said. Its good to help the war. The rest of Nanmu doesnt want to know. Quickly added four strange people into the team, there is a couple who usually play pretty good strange couple, said no money when the wedding gift. The other two are girls who want money. They say they come to work part-time. The last chat message, its Angelo.

Angel: are you really going to get married?

Angel: cant you talk to me?

[good friend] Anjiao: I can ask the agent to practice my number. I can ask him to do nothing, that is to plant vegetables and steal vegetables to maintain his home

Angel: I can be what you like

Anjiao: Namu, please