All the way to bloom -- an inspirational movie that young people should watch

 All the way to bloom -- an inspirational movie that young people should watch

For example, Xia Sijia, the leading actress, who graduated from university and majored in advertising design, is full of passion and dreams and has great goals. However, she only serves tea, pours water and copies documents. She is not confident, has no experience and does not understand the situation of the workplace. She is constantly fired, but she always insists on her dream. Among the three sisters, Xue Yun and Sheng Qishan are the mediators.

The hero No.1, Zhou Muwen, is talented, but he loves to drink, is drugged by villains, takes advantage of them, is threatened and compromises, but he is still very attentive to his lover, and finally gives his lover a heart. Therefore, it is not easy for a man to engage in business and socialize outside. He should be more cautious and have a bottom line in his feelings,

The hero No.2, Zhang Zong, a local tyrant, smashes people with money. He has no taste or taste.

The hero No. 3, Chen Yu, President of olai, a big boss in China, has always been the priority of the companys interests. His face and friendship can be avoided, and the companys interests can never be damaged.

Finally, lets return to the topic of entrepreneurship.

Starting a business is extremely hard.

But few people will say how many crimes he suffered and how many peoples eyes he was blinded before he succeeded.

Everyones success is not easy to get.

When Ma Yun was young, he went to KFC to apply for a job. He lost the election. Ma Yun told the big bosses what e-commerce is. The big bosses came to a conclusion that this is a liar.

Yu Minhong has been admitted to university for three years in a row. He doesnt do farm work or work to earn money. Everyone in the village laughs at him. And the most important thing is that when he makes his third effort, he still doesnt know whether he can pass the exam.

However, people are like this. They can only see the beauty of what they yearn for, but ignore the sadness behind the beauty.

The sad description of three peoples entrepreneurship in the film is not small, but the film is a film after all, and the idealized elements will still occupy a certain proportion.

Xue Yun was dismissed by the company. He had no choice but to start an advertising company.