Bear child kicks movie giant screen faces huge compensation, Wang Jing is willing to bear the cost

 Bear child kicks movie giant screen faces huge compensation, Wang Jing is willing to bear the cost

Monitoring shows that after a movie screening, a child walks up to the screen and kicks. No one steps forward to pull it away. After a while, the child runs away.

Ms. Zhang, marketing director of the studios marketing department, said that more people came to watch the film before May 1, and the show ended at that time, so no one was found on that day.

Ms. Zhang said that because the child kicked the bottom of the screen, the studio was still open. The problem of compensation needs to find the parties and then find a third party organization to determine the loss.

The staff said that the damage was found by the staff of the studio during the inspection, and then they saw the boys behavior through monitoring, there has been a depression and damage on the (screen), that is to say, it affects the normal movie broadcast, and cracks will appear when the movie is broadcast.

As for the loss of cinemas, cinemas said that the amount of money may be similar to that of 180000 on the Internet. In the case of more than 100000 yuan, the screen is a giant screen, and Dolby panoramic CGS China giant screen. This kind of damage needs to be replaced.

According to the latest report of Dongguan police on the 3rd, police contacted the guardian of the child involved. The public security organs are actively guiding both cinemas and childrens guardians to properly solve the problem through legal procedures. At present, the incident is still under further processing.

Following the tiger and catching the Dragon

How do you do! In this busy may day period, you have worked hard!

Director Wang Jing:

About the former, I love cinema. If I cant find this parent, if the cinema needs it, Im willing to bear the cost, do my best, and also hope to arouse everyones attention to polite viewing. As for the latter, the song at the end of the film has been released. It is sung by the theme song of God of gamblers and Lu Guanting, the author of all my lifes love, which is very special and fits the spirit of Hong Kong film in my heart. Thank you for your love of chasing tiger and catching dragon. Hong Kong film is immortal and entertainment is supreme!