League of heroes first animated series Arcane launched in autumn

 League of heroes first animated series Arcane launched in autumn

As the first animation series of the League of heroes, arcane not only has the grand epic style of CG, but also pays more attention to the shaping of characters and the display of city-state relationship, trying to carry a richer universe in the form of drama.

Strengthen IP cross border linkage to enhance sustainable development of the industry

Since its global publication in 2009, League of heroes has attracted a large number of domestic players and fans through games, video games and live broadcasting in more than ten years, and its popularity is obvious to all. The advent of arcane not only vividly shows the world of the hero alliance universe, but also brings the development of the hero alliance universe IP into a new stage, thus further expanding its influence in the young circle outside the game users.

In the past two years, Tencent video has carried out differentiated live broadcasting operations for the global finals of the 2019 and 2020 hero League in combination with the characteristics of the platform, attracting a large number of young users. As a comprehensive video platform, Tencent video focuses on the distribution mode of differentiation based on the characteristics of its works. Before that, distinctive works such as game of rights and sex and the city have achieved great success in Tencent video. This time, Tencent video introduced Arcane into Tencent video, Its excellent distribution ability will further realize the superposition effect of League of heroes, the global head IP.