Bill Gates divorces daughter voice: still learning to get along with family

 Bill Gates divorces daughter voice: still learning to get along with family

It can also be regarded as one parting and two leniency, and each life is happy..

But there are more than 60000 likes. Alas, I dont know what these netizens are praising.

With their cleverness, they must know that there will be all kinds of criticisms. Lets turn them off, out of sight and out of mind.

Once the richest couple in the world, they went their separate ways.

Their marriage is a bit like overbearing president falls in love with me.

Shortly after joining Microsoft in 1987, she met her boss, Microsoft founder and CEO Bill Gates at a business dinner.

In her own book, the moment of lift, Melinda describes it like this: I was late and all the tables were full, with only one table and two empty chairs. I sat on one of the chairs. A few minutes later, bill arrived and sat on the other chair

Unlike the average super rich, the gates spend a lot of energy on public welfare. They established the Gates Foundation. In the past 20 years, they have been active in many fields, such as global health and early childhood education. So far, they have donated about $50 billion.

However, there are various conspiracy theories on the US internet, even accusing gates of knowing the virus in advance.

I remember that in February last year, at the most severe time of the epidemic in China, Chinese leaders wrote back to Bill Gates. The first sentence was:

Now, people are probably most concerned about these three issues:

Answer: they didnt say, we dont know; In a word, feelings are really subtle.

3. How to divide the property of Mr. and Mrs. gates?

Well, we dont know. We dont know the world of the super rich. But the total wealth of more than 130 billion US dollars, no matter how it is divided, is still super rich.

I just saw a lot of American suggestions: Melinda, you need to hire a better lawyer.

Also see some people for musk refueling: you see, Bezos and gates are away, this is God to help you become the worlds richest man ah.

Well, Seattle doesnt believe in love!