Wang Xiaofei recognized as godfather? Wang Hongmeng sits on her lap and they interact closely

 Wang Xiaofei recognized as godfather? Wang Hongmeng sits on her lap and they interact closely

A netizen said: is Wang Xiaofei the godfather of her daughter? Wang Xiaoming, Wang Xiaofei and Li Chens interaction with Wang Xiaoming, Wang Xiaofei and Li Chen is the main manager of a childrens clothing brand.

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Big s doesnt care? Wang Xiaofeis swearing kiss male friends live late at night

Wang Xiaofei said your mother and his mother one by one, then he pulled his friends to introduce them, and then he kissed each other on the head.

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Wang Xiaofeis foul language in live broadcast (source: Netease Entertainment)

Later, in another live broadcast, Wang Xiaofei denied knowing the female anchor and told netizens not to harass others.

On April 12, Wang Xiaofei issued an apology. He wrote: Im really sorry about last night. Maybe Ive been isolated for too long. After drinking a little, Im a little free. I just opened the live broadcast at random and met the lady, who I never met or knew. As a result, my friend got to know her for a while. Im really sorry for the bad influence. Im really sorry.

On April 13, Wang Xiaofei once again issued an apology for the live broadcast. He wrote: today, my friends and family kept asking me what I should apologize for. I thought it was really wrong. I was stabbed in the nose n times. All kinds of blood was drawn, I was given injections, and I was isolated for 14 days plus more than 75 days. My brothers in Beijing loved me so much that they came to Sanya to accompany me. I also wanted my daughter, my Yue Yue. Who can understand the pain. I opened a live broadcast and was scolded. I couldnt help but scolded back. I miss my daughter But he quickly deleted the dynamic.