May 1s total box office broke 1.1 billion and your wedding broke 500 million, ranking first

 May 1s total box office broke 1.1 billion and your wedding broke 500 million, ranking first

This year, there are 13 May 1 films, a large number of which are mainly domestic films. On April 30, your wedding, on the cliff, battle of ice and snow, running to the sea and when love comes were released. On May 1, secret visitors, anti gangster u00b7 decisive battle, chasing tiger and catching dragon, sunshine robber, true u00b7 matchless of the Three Kingdoms, Pig Man movie u00b7 dinosaur diary, Chinese search strategy and dinosaur flying car followed closely.

Can the May 1 show, which is expected to set a new box office record?

Why do you press into the May 1st gear?

Therefore, many people in the industry believe that this May 1st will continue to break the box office record of the same period. This may also be one of the reasons why a few small and medium-sized films, which do not seem to be competitive, are forced to enter the May 1st stage. If you get a film arrangement in the hot season, the box office may be even higher than that in the off-season.

For example, sunshine robber, originally scheduled to be released on December 31 last year, suddenly changed to May Day 12 days before its release. According to producer Fang Li, the film spent nearly 30 million yuan on the real tiger. In addition to the salary, production and publicity of stars, the total cost is expected to reach about 100 million.

Therefore, if you want to recover the cost, you must get 200-300 million yuan at the box office, and withdraw from the fierce competition of new years day, in order to get a higher box office return in May 1st. Although comedy and fantasy elements are more in line with the atmosphere of family reunion in holidays, it is still unknown whether they can achieve it from the perspective of premiere reputation and pre-sale performance.

Cinema layout, dilemma

Dong Wenxin has 16 years of experience as a cinema manager. Even so, in the face of this years situation, she said that she had never seen such a chaotic war as this years may day show. In the past, even if it was the Spring Festival show, there were only seven or eight films. There were no more than a dozen films like this years show. This is a bit too much

There is a limit to the market space. However, judging from this years may day and Qingming festivals, these two holidays, which are not big holidays in themselves, have crowded in more than ten films, and the volume is almost the same. There is no head film with box office appeal of several billion levels, such as exploring the universe in Tang Dynasty, and only internal friction can be formed between the films.

How many cinemas can arrange more than ten films? Anyway, Ive started to think about what not to line up. Cinema layout space is limited, and it will not be arranged with the mentality of sharing the rich and the poor. Lets take care of ourselves. There will be another director to arrange the film in this may day period, and support the cinema to join back together!

But on the other hand, many domestic films are also trying to avoid confrontation with Hollywood films. Take your wedding, which has the highest box office in advance at present, as an example. Originally, the film was scheduled to be released at 520. After weighing the pros and cons, it was finally promoted to May Day in order to avoid the impact of speed and passion 9.

But Dong Wenxin believes that domestic films need not worry too much about Hollywood blockbusters taking away the box office. I dont know why, many film makers still dont have confidence in their own market and audience. For example, two years ago, movies like cohabitation beyond time and space and love letter between Beijing and Seattle were all on this schedule. It can be said that Hollywood blockbusters came and went one by one. Even with Avengers 4 in 2019, the next generation: the ex, which was released in the same period at that time, finally got more than 50 million at the box office.

4. May has always been a hot spot for love movies. Dong Wenxin said, April and may are equivalent to a love month. Why we are optimistic about your wedding is that at this time it is spring time. Many people want to get married and love for results. From the physical and psychological point of view, they all have this demand

In addition to the most popular your wedding and the most popular on the cliff, can there be a dark horse in Wuyi?

Tiktok is the first suspense type movie secret visitor. Director Chen Zhengdao is already a regular guest on the May 1 regular. Hypnotist in 2014 and memory master in 2017 are both scheduled for May Day, and secret visitor is his third big screen suspense work. The directors reputation is guaranteed, and with the blessing of Guo Fucheng, Duan Yihong, Zhang Zifeng and other acting schools, the pre-sale box office ranked third. At present, it seems that it is the most likely to overtake on the curve.